Whiskey - meet the girls

3 Reasons Why You Should Hate Whiskey

So, you don’t like whiskey? Man, would I hate to be you. But seriously, you probably have some pretty good reasons for feeling this way. You are probably the type that would rather sit around and chug back a 30 pack with the guys as opposed to actually having real fun.

Here are three reasons why you should hate whiskey (you are probably already familiar with all of these):

1. You hate everything. Fast cars. Don’t care for them. Big houses. You’d rather live in a shack. Pretty girls. Who needs them?

If you hate everything in your life, as well as everything going on around you, it is safe to assume that whiskey makes your list. Who needs to enjoy their life when it is so easy to frown upon everything?

2. You have no class. Let’s get back to that case of beer that you are chugging with all the “guy friends” in your life. If you like to sit around, play video games, and slob about in your gym shorts, you are on the right track. Keep it up!

On the other hand, if you want to bring just a little bit of class to your life, put down that Keystone Light and step up to a real man’s drink. With a little bit of whiskey this weekend you may find yourself classing up your life – even if only a little bit.

3. You never want a girlfriend. What good is a girlfriend when you have all those guys in your life who enjoy drinking beer with you on the weekends? If you want to get a girl, show some class. You cannot expect this to happen on its own. You need to clean yourself up, get out of your house, and act like an adult. Who do you think a girl would rather date: a guy who spends all his time at home, drinking beer with his friends? Or a guy who enjoys a night on the town, drinking whiskey and showing her a good time? The answer is pretty easy.

Whiskey - meet the girls

Whiskey – meet the girls
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You can continue with your life the way it is, hating everything, including whiskey, but never making any real progress. Or you can make a change, eventually looking back and wondering why you were wasting your time.

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