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Alcohol Poisoning in Russia Left 8 Dead and Many Hospitalized

There have been thirty people from Krasnoyarsk, a city in Siberia, rushed to the hospital and 8 have died from consuming toxic alcohol. According to some reports, the poisonous whisky had about 60% of extremely toxic methyl alcohol that can cause blindness and death when taken by humans.

“It can accumulate in the nervous system causing Parkinson’s-like symptoms — uncontrollable tremors, rigidity and paucity of movement. Part of your brain ceases to respond as it should,” says Dr. Sarah Jarvis.

Hospitals have long been admitting poisoning victims since November 21 and they fear there will still be more of them. According to hospital doctors, many of these victims belong in the middle class rather than the homeless or marginalized, who are usually the victims of extreme alcohol poisoning.

The Krasnoyarsk police said that the toxic bottles were purchased online for a very low price (250-300 roubles per bottle or $3.75 to $4.50), which makes it attractive to most consumers. They were packaged with “realistic labels” that can easily fool ordinary consumers.

Two Russian men, 25 and 29 years old, have been detained by the police and are under interrogation in order to find out who manufactured the poisonous alcohol and, whether or not, it had been shipped to other cities in Russia.

whisky jack daniels

How to verify the authenticity of the alcohol. By hybridtechcar.com

“We are co-operating with the Russian authorities as they investigate the incident. The best way for consumers to protect themselves from such counterfeit product is to buy from reputable retail stores,” says Phil Lynch, the director of corporate communications of Jack Daniel’s, to the Daily Star Online.

According to Vladimir Markin, the spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee, this incident suggest that there are criminal groups operating in Russia that are the cause of these deaths and are perfectly aware of the consequences. They also won’t rule out the possibility that the alcohol was smuggled from abroad.

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