grain whiskies

Behold the Top Grain Whiskies

Get the newest trend of grain whiskies from Scotland to Japan…enjoy the sweet fruity finish, unique spice, and nutty taste.

grain whiskies

Find out why you should be drinking single-grain whiskies. By

·         Nikka Coffey Grain

It is also called Hedonism’s casks, which tastes sharp and has a spirit of nuttiness. The taste of this whisky is a combination of oak, vanilla, and toffee popcorn which gives importance to bourbon. In the year 1934, the father of Japanese whisky, Masataka Taketsuru established the Nikka Whisky Distilling Company. The current Coffey stills used in Nikka’s Miyagikyo distillery came from stills imported from Scottland in 1960s. These stills are known to produce more flavourful whisky compared to the modern stills used today. The grain whisky produced by the said distillery is predominantly made from corn.

·         The 25 Year Old Girvan Patent Still

The producer of the very popular Hendricks gin, Girvan is one among the biggest distilleries in Scotland, owned by William Grant. This grain whisky is stored for 25 years in American white oak casks. Basically, it is made from locally grown wheat, having the taste of vanilla and fruit leaving your mouth the sweetness of the whisky and a bite of spiced wood. The Girvan Patent Still is a must-try, needless to mention that it is made in a 380-acre site.

·         The Callyiv

This is the whisky with a sweet, buttery taste, and slightly acidic fruity blend. It is also known to give out a warming spice and lingering texture. However, this single-grain whisky is limited. This is because in 1988, the Edinburgh’s Caledonian distillery was closed and the whisky distilled is getting very little. The only available whisky is those that were left in the distilled of Caledonian the past 4 decades.

·         Haig Club

This is ideal for mixing and cocktails because it is creamy, smooth and only causes little heat. This is actually perfect for those who are seeking for a light and fresh-tasting whisky. Its taste is close to Scotch making this new whisky popular. Haig club is distilled at Scotland’s oldest grain distillery, Cameronbridge. It has David Beckham as its model making marketing easier.

·         Hedonism Quindecimus

Hedonism Quindecimus is created to mark Compass Box’s 15th year of blending and maturing whisky in the customized casks made from American and French oak. Compass Box is not a distillery. The whiskies they blend and mature is not that huge in volume. This Hedonism Quindecimus is a blend of the defunct distilleries of Scotland. After such, it is aged in different casks. Amazing result is a mixture of oaky taste, fruity, and complex whisky.

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