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Cocktails and Healthy Drinking

If you feel bad because: (1) you didn’t bother with a dry January, (2) you tried them and fell of the wagon, and (3) you are having a wet January and you want to turn a new leaf and become healthy, this might help you…

A bar in London is serving cocktails that are made with matcha green tea, aloe juice, sea weed, and wheat grass to make you feel better about drinking vodka in the middle of the week. Truth is the fact that they are said to contain anti-oxidants is enough to convince most of us to order a glass or two; be honest!

The bar I’m talking about is Shoreditch’s Rivington Grill, which labeled its January cocktail menu the “clean-living” collection. Their drinks were made with D1 potato vodka that is called Greener Colada and Flu-Fighting Mojito. No sane doctor would prescribe vodka cocktails when you’re sick. But when you aren’t, mixing vegetable juice with a little bit (or more) vodka may be better than drinking Red Bull.

“I wanted to create something that provided Londoners with a healthier way to enjoy cocktails this January, feeding obsession around superfoods but retaining the sense of fun and relaxation of alcohol,” said Francesco Lombardi, the bar manager.

healthy vodka

Hard Health Shot (Picture: D1 / Rivington Grill / Carrie Tang /

Greener Colada

The Greener Colada is a “cleaner” version of the traditionally calorie-laden Pina Colada. It has matcha green tea that has antioxidants which boosts our metabolism. What makes this drink great is that it has low GI natural sweetener, agave syrup, and lactose-free coconut milk as replacement to a heavy cream.

Popeye Punch

Obviously, the Popeye Punch is made up of what Popeye eats: spinach. Flu-fighting ingredients, spinach and fresh ginger, has been mixed with an aloe vera base to give out a refreshing, classic and zesty Mojito.

Mary’s Bloody Healthy Remedy

This go-to hangover cure is given an additional boost as it is mixed with 2016’s hottest new super food: mineral-rich seaweed and laden with low-calorie chia seeds for added fiber, magnesium, and protein.

Hard Health Shot

Hard Health Shot is an exciting version of a nutritious wheatgrass shot, which features the vodka on the powerful concentration of the nutrients found in wheatgrass.

While all of these drinks can be ordered at the bar, you can also make them at home and serve them in parties if you want to save money. Their common denominator is the D1 Vodka. Aside from that, you also need to have a cocktail shaker as well as ice cubes.

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