Holiday Cocktails

Cocktails for a Warm Winter

Having a warm winter cocktails with the people you love can make your holiday celebrations festive. If our ancestors knew anything about how to enjoy a festive season, it is preparing the table without having to pay anything for overindulgence.

It is not a secret that most of the traditional recipes for having a festive cocktail would include ingredients like cream and eggs. This is probably the reason why some of the favorite mid-winter warmers by most people are Spanish, English, and Scottish cocktails. So, double up on your hangover remedies! There will be two for the price of only one!

Holiday Cocktails

Holiday Cocktail Recipes To Warm Your Body And Soul. Image (c):

  • Athol Brose

The Athol Brose is how the Scotts welcome the New Year or the first-footer at Hogmanay. First-footer is a term used for the first visitor to step over your threshold after midnight. Fair exchange, on the other hand, is a lump of coal used for the fire where you hope that your first-footer is friendly dark-haired person instead of blonde blue-eyed Viking. Christmas north o’ the border is a much solemn affair. Remember that in Scotland, whisky never has an “e” in it.

Athol Brose’s can be prepared within 5 minutes and cooked in 15 minutes. You can garnish it with nutmeg sprinkled on top or additional creamy swirl.

  • Lamb’s Wool Wassail

The Lamb’s Wool Wassail is an elision of Saxons’ merry toast. According to the old wives’ tale, it would be wise to serve it using an apple wood bowl to keep the witches away from joining the party. If you’re wondering where this came from, this has something to do with the tradition of going outside to the orchard when the clock strikes 12 on the eve of Christmas Day while banging drums or firing guns to scare the evil spirits away that may stop the apple trees from bearing fruits.

The prep time for this recipe is only 10 minutes with cooking time of 20 minutes. Should you need to re-heat, don’t allow it to boil or the egg will curdle.

  • Ponche

The Ponche holiday cocktail is a traditional eggnog based from brandy for which similar recipes can be found throughout Europe. It has a Spanish version where it is thickened using ground almonds that are traditional ingredients for Christmas. It should be served warm on a cold Christmas night with something that is sweet and crisp for dips.

The prep time for Ponche is 10 minutes and it can be cooked within 20 minutes. Remember to shake it before pouring.

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