Teeling 21-year-old Vintage Reserve

Fine Irish Whiskies

When you go inside the liquor store, you get overwhelmed with the many choices of whiskies you can find. Choosing what whisky to buy can be very difficult as you need to consider a lot of things like the atmosphere, your personality, your preferences, as well as your experiences. To help you decide, we gathered a list of top whiskies for you to choose from.

Tyrconnell Madeira Finish

The Tyrconnell Madeira Finish is warm, smooth and fruity. At 10 years, it was aged in a bourbon cask for 9 years and finished for 3 months in Madeira cask. It is one of their famous series of port and sherry cask finishes. But what makes this bottle unique is its sweet and malty flavor!

Palace Bar Fourth Estate Single Malt

The Palace Bar Fourth Estate Single Malt is a flavorful whisky that comes in a variety of ages (up to 21 years). “Palace Bar” is a popular bar during the Victorian era located at Dublin’s Fleet Street. It was a common practice for bars years ago to bottle their own whiskies and keep them in their cellar. Today, however, it’s difficult to imagine for this practice to ever return because of marketing and premiumization. The bar recently produced and released about 1,000 bottles with varying ages.

Teeling 21-year-old Vintage Reserve

This is a wonderful whisky! And since it is only limited to 5,000 bottles, it is one of the nicest liquors to collect. The wide range of Teeling whiskies is extremely popular in Dick Macks. This whisky was initially aged in bourbon barrels and finished in Sauternes wine casks. It gives a smoky flavor that eventually changes to a slightly fruity taste.

Teeling 21-year-old Vintage Reserve

Teeling Vintage Reserve Single Malt 21 Years. By www.whiskykritikerna.se

Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

This type of whisky is wonderfully blended, distinctively finished off from inrum barrels. The additional aging gives some delicious tropical fruit tastes with a hint of sweetness! Some people recommend drinking it neat or on the rocks!

Irishman Single Malt

Irishman is produced by Walsh’s distillery. They’ve been around for a few years now; however, they are currently setting up their own distillery located in Carlow. The Irishman is a classic Irish Malt that has been aged in oak bourbon and oloroso sherry casks which gave exceptional flavor and complexity. Each batch of production was only limited to about 6,000 bottles. It is highly recommended to those who are beginners to drinking whisky because of its very smooth blend.

Mitchell & Son Green Spot Pot Still Whisky

Like the other whiskies, it is also limited; most of which were sold in the home market. The Green Spot is well-loved by critics. It has a fruity flavor (a mix of both red and green apples) with a hint of honey and a nice touch of toastiness.

Power’s John’s Lane Release, 12-year-old Pot Still Whisky

This whisky has a rich, smooth texture with a touch of spiciness and citrus fruity flavor. It is aged in a bourbon and oloroso sherry casks and it was named after the first distillery where it was produced (which has, unfortunately, closed).

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