Harrow Whisky Festival

Irish Whisky: A Main Feature at Harrow Whisky Festival

A large numbers of whisky enthusiasts attended and enjoyed the INAUGURAL Harrow Whisky Festival held at Grim’s Dyke Hotel in Harrow Weald last weekend. In the said event, over 40 distillers around the world presented each of their best whiskies.

The main feature of the festival was the tasting sessions, as dedicated Ireland Whiskey table presented the likes of Coley, Bushmills, Jameson, Connemara, Paddy and Inish Turk Beg. Such presentation of distiller’s banquet was held Friday evening and a whisky breakfast/brunch was also held on Saturday morning. The dedicated Ireland table with variety of Ireland whiskeys truly became a special attraction in the event.

Harrow Whisky Festival

Experts and enthusiasts. Photo – Malcolm McNally

The festival started with a night of music and entertainment. Since Grim’s Dyke Hotel is the former home of Sir William Gilbert (Gilbert & Sullivan) Irish and other music was also staged on that agenda. Part of the live music and entertainment were the presentations of Gerry Molumby from Triskellion Irish Theatre and Concert Productions and singer and multi-instrumentalist and Irish Post columnist Joe Giltrap.

A limited edition 15 Year Old Single Malt was one of the stars of the weekend; which was made by the Teeling Whiskey Company. The Teeling Whiskey Company was also the maker of ‘The Revival’ which produced it to mark the opening of its new distillery, the first in Dublin for over 125 years.

The stunning setting for the festival has been made possible through the best efforts of Grim’s Dyke Hotel as it also has a well-stocked whisky bar, which significantly boosted whenever whisky tasting or festival event is coming up. For people looking for their retail needs, there are ‘Hard to Find Whiskey’ company present in occasion like this to help them satisfy those needs and of course dedicated  Irish whisky table that they really need to experience.

Harrow Whisky Festival talks about quality whisky and other things like various insights from whiskey specialists, explorers, and bloggers as well as magazine writers. There are also generalized talks in the Drawing Room of Grim’s Dyke Hotel which will give everyone an idea of touring the scenic area of the place, new distilleries and the wildlife.

Of course, whisky festival celebration can never be more fascinating without mentioning the iconic kilt! Some of the speakers be wearing Highland dress, and  if you’re going to stay overnight and want to try a kilt, the hotel  have various sizes available for their guests– even if it’s just long enough for picture taking.

The Directors of Grim’s Dyke Hotel, Mary McGowan and Robin Cooke as well as the organizers of the Harrow Whisky Festival were truly delighted with the positive outcome of the event and said they are already have plans for next year event.

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