Jughandle Brewery in Tinton Falls

Craft breweries and distilleries are trending. Just this year, the Beach House Brewery opened in Belmar; meanwhile, Asbury Park approved a distillery for whisky and gin at Emory Street. And now, it’s Tinton Falls’ turn.

Last September, the planning board of Tinton Falls has approved a 3,000 square foot brewery in the Tinton Falls Centre. Jughandle Brwery Co. will be producing 4,000 barrels (31 gallons per barrel) of craft beer each year, and it will be open to the public for tastings and tours.

Pete Artherholt and Mike Skudera of Tinton Falls, and Chris Hanigan of Red Bank are the owners of the brewery. Skudera, former Mayor of Tinton Falls, said that he just met Artherhold and Hanigan at a party in 2014.


jughandle brewing Local Residents Opening Tinton Falls’ First Brewery. Image from www.ahherald.com

“I finally got to try their beer. … Every (beer) I tried I liked a lot; their beer is one of the best that I’ve tasted. I was very impressed, so I jokingly asked them, ‘Hey, have you ever thought about going pro?’,” says Skudera.

As it turns out, they had and they soon contacted Skudera and asked assistance on the business aspect of things.  According to Skudera, Arterholt (a former chemist) and his wife (a microbiologist) is a rare asset in their brewery.

“That helps immensely because when breweries start they can’t afford to hire a microbiologist… when you start creating more and more quantities of beer you want to have microbiologist do a lot of quality control; we’re starting off on a great foot having that,” Skudera said.

Hanigan, on the other hand, works as an art director and he has experience in marketing and designs. Skudera said that the entire team is “fantastic” as they all have the skills and talents that would make their business successful.

To start off, Jughandle will be offering 6 craft beers. They are also planning to expand to 14.

As far as marketing goes, they’ve already posted photos of the Russian Imperial Stout on their Facebook account. It was said to have a rich and complex maltiness with a hint of coffee and dark chocolate flavor. It was aged for 10 months with an ABV of 11 percent.

The tours will be every Friday and Saturday, but they are planning to have additional days in the future, according to Skudera. The group also hopes for their products to be served at local restaurants and bars.

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