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Some of the Best Whiskies You Must Try

Single malt whiskies have been increasingly popular around the world in many countries outside of Scotland, including Australia, and winning awards along the way. Among the new nations for whisky-making nowadays are India, Japan, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Alexandra Dahlenburg, a manager at the Grain bar of the Four Seasons hotel in Sydney, is a whisky-spotter herself. Over the years, she has curated one of the biggest collections in the city, having over 200 drams to show.

The Grain bar hosts a whisky night every Monday, giving away 20% discount on all the whiskeys they offer. She even makes a weekly whisky flight of 4 x 15 ml drams for only $40 ($30 on Monday), where you can explore different varieties of whiskies and decide on what you like.

The Business Insider had asked Dahlenburg to create a list of whiskies that she thinks everyone should try at least once. Her personal choice of whiskies has been based on research and personal opinion.

“At Grain bar, we believe whisky is about your own personal journey. Each individual nose and palate is going to pick up different smells and tastes, so there’s no wrong answer in what you like. It’s the journey of discovering that’s important,” she said.

Whisky Enthusiast

Grain bar manager and whisky enthusiast Alexandra Dahlenburg. Photo: www.businessinsider.com.au

Here are some of the top whiskies on her list.

Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest

What makes this whisky stand out from the rest is actually its color. It is aged in bourbon and sherry casks for 12 years. During its final 3 years of maturation, it goes into an Oloroso sherry cask, which gives its red cherry color with a chocolate-y smell, slight smoke and earth tones, and a sweet molasses finish.

Port Ellen 9th Release 30 Year Old

This bottle of whisky has among the rarest cask strength. It’s peaty and sweet with lemon grass and smoky pepper with a long medicinal finish. Currently, Port Ellen is on its 14th release; which only gives you an idea of how mature and special this 9th release bottle really is.

Auchentoshan Three Wood

Obviously, it is matured in 3 casks: Olorosso, Pedro Ximenez sherry, and American Bourbon. While this is a non-age statement whisky, it smells of red stone fruits and tastes like brown sugar or treacle with a citrus finish that cuts through its sweetness. It’s among the best whiskies that you can pair with cured meats.

Rosebank 12 Year Old Flora & Fauna

This rare bottle of whisky has a light straw color. It has a sweet smell and a taste of pure honeycomb and herbs with lemon and grass. Since the Rosebank distillery has already closed, this whisky has only limited supply and very difficult to find. It’s a must-try and a bit of a collector’s item.

Aberlour A’bunadh

This strong cask strength whisky is not for those with a faint heart. It has a deep amber color and a nutty-all spice; citrus smell; dark chocolate, raisins, and cherry taste; and a spicy finish. It’s visually appealing as it has a wax seal and a numbered label.

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