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Dubliner Irish Whiskey 10YO Limited Edition Released

the dubliner

Dubliner Irish Whiskey recently released their limited edition 10-year-old single malt whiskey — made with 100% malted barley that is distilled in copper pot stills and matured in oak casks which was previously used for Kentucky Bourbon.

 “The Dubliner Irish Whiskey has had an incredible start launching at Dublin Airport last year and sales to date in Ireland, Australia, and the US have been really encouraging. We are delighted to be introducing this limited edition expression to The Dubliner range,” says Sinead O’ Frighil, the marketing manager of Irish Whiskies at Quintessential Brands. “It is well known that growth of Irish whiskies is at an exciting stage and we have high hopes for our approachable and smooth 10 year old single malt in domestic and travel retail markets internationally — it’s a beautiful whiskey.”

the dubliner

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Image(c):

It has a 42% ABV, which you can purchase at the Dublin Airport and other specialist whisky retailers for the price of £50 per 70 cl bottle. The latest variant is said to have a sweet and slightly spicy aroma with tones of vanilla, honey and perfume. It has a smooth, warm, rich and malty flavor with a hint of chocolate and vanilla.

The Dubliner 10YO has captured the essence of Dublin as its makers are paying homage to the distilling history of Dublin which dates back to about five centuries ago. It is owned by an independent spirits producer in Ireland, the First Ireland Spirits, for more than 25 years now and is part of the Quintessential Brands Group. The Dublin Whiskey Company was bought by the Quintessential Brands Ireland in April. Distillation is said to start in Dublin next year.

“The addition of the Dublin Whiskey Company paves the way for us to create an Irish whiskey distillery and a home for our Irish whiskey brands in the famous Liberties area of Dublin which will allow us to further develop our Irish whiskey portfolio and become a leader in Irish spirits,” said Warren Scott, the CEO of the Quintessential Brands.

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Having a Hard Time Choosing a Gift for Your Guy?


Women can be very complicated that not all men understand them. But try to fit into their shoes when they are looking to buy a gift for their men and you’ll probably learn that men can be just as complicated as well.

Buying gifts for men is one of the most confusing, if not complicated, tasks for women. In fact, some women would say it’s easier to crack Rocket Science! While wallets may seem too casual, giving watch would seem too formal. Clothing and accessories is too main stream and perfumes may send the wrong message. It’s just too difficult to find a good one for an all-occasions gift. This dilemma isn’t only happening to women from daily walks of life, even celebrities are at a loss. Well, fret no more because there’s a perfect gift out there!

Many Bollywood celebrities like Chitrangada Singh and Lisa Haydon chose the USL’s Scotch Whisky Collections to give as a gift to the men of their lives. It can be given not only to your beau or partner, but you can also give it to your male boss, your friend, and even your parents and in-laws.


USL-Diageo’s Scotch Whisky Gift Collection. Photo:

“I believe we have solved the dilemma of gifting for men. Earlier it was a task to find the right gift for the right occasion but the Scotch Whisky Collection is the ideal gift for all occasions. All men appreciate their Scotch whisky and am sure would cherish such a gift,” says Lisa Haydon.

Whether your man is throwing a celebratory party after landing a big deal or just relaxing after a long day’s work, the Scotch Whisky Collection would never go out of style. Whether he is throwing himself a birthday party with his closest friends or just wants to show off his collections at your bar cabinet, Scotch is just the classiest way to do it. In addition to that, each time he would look at his prized Scotch Whisky Collection, he’d always be in awe of your taste in giving gifts!

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With Increasing Demands, There is Scotch Whisky Shortage

scotch whisky

Whisky fans, this concerns you! The world is currently short of single malt Scotch.

According to a report made by the CNN, there is high demand for Scottish nectar in which the distilleries have hard time supplying.

“The shortage of old and rare single malt… has already started, and it’s going to get worse,” said Rickesh Kishnani, the one who launched the first whisky investment fund in the world.

According to the Scotch Whisky Association, the sales of single malt around the world have increased by 159 percent between year 2004 and 2014. A number of new markets have an increasing demand for the drink — especially Asia, which currently consumes about 20% of all the Scotch exports.

As we all know, single malt whisky talks years to produce. By rule, all Scotch whiskies should be aged for at least 3 years (distilleries, and the best ones are aged longer than 3 years). Because of the increasing demand, distilleries weren’t able to quickly keep up with the production. There are about 20 million casks maturing in the warehouses in Scotland.

scotch whisky

Don’t panic but we might be running out of Scotch. Credits to

According to several experts, this shortage could last for 10 to 14 years, and may cause the prices to increase relatively. The Investment Grade Scotch Whisky Index, which monitors the value of premium whiskies, has increased by about 14 percent last year.

“We are currently working at full capacity – seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We just need to be patient and allow those casks to work their magic,” said Charles Whitfield, the brand manager for the Scotch whisky firm Macallan, during an interview with CNN Money. Currently, Macallan is building its second distillery that is expected to open next year.

“The ultimate challenge for the industry is how you predict what you will or won’t sell in the time it takes to mature Scotch. The distillers send millions on research into this specific question but it is still such an unknown quantity. You have to balance making enough with the ability to sell it. And single malts were never expected to be as successful as they become,” says Eddie Ludlow, the co-founder of The Whisky Lounge, during an interview with Telegraph.

Scotland is not the only whisky-producing country that is struggling to keep up with the increasing demands; American distillers producing bourbon whisky are facing the same problems as well. In 2013, in an effort to keep up with the demands, the Maker’s Mark brand cut the alcohol content from 45 percent to 42 percent; however, it created a negative effect that they were forced to abandon their plans.

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Knockdhu Distillery Introduces a Trendy Whisky

ancnoc blas whisky

Knockdhu distillery, located in the Speyside region of Scotland, has released a trendy whisky called the new anCnoc Blas Scotch. Although we all have varied taste preferences, this incredible whisky is stating a fact: this release is a collaborative project between Knockdhu and Patrick Grant (a fashion designer from Scotland) who was responsible for designing the packaging as they are making a non-age statement expression.

According to Knockdhu distillery, “Blas” means “taste” in the Gaelic language. It reflects the tastes of Grant as he spent more than a year in designing the print that you can see on the packaging with a little help from the fans of anCnoc who sent images and messages on social media that inspired the final design in many ways.

ancnoc blas whisky

In appearance, Blas is golden and honeyed. On the nose it is densely sweet and fruity with notes of lemon and candied orange peel. Photo by

“I spent a lot of time at Knockdhu not only taking in the landscape and surrounding areas, but getting to know the people that work there and the methods that they use. Everything in the print is from the hill, the village of Knock or within the distillery itself and tells the story of the making of Blas. I’ve tried to interpret anCnoc’s history and tradition in a modern way, and hope this is translated through the aesthetic of the bottle,” says Grant.

To give you a little bit more idea on the actual whisky in the beverage, it has 54% ABV and is drawn from Scotch matured in American and Spanish oak barrels, bottled without chill-filtration and coloring. It has a sweet and fruity smell with a hint of lemon and orange peel. Its bitter chocolate and vanilla tones give it complexity and weight. Blas has a full, oily taste with an initial burst of warm lemon tart, followed by hints of rum raisins and dark chocolate. There are notes of freshly cut grass that gives balance and freshness. It has an after taste of bitter-sweet cocoa.

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Before President Putin started a new Cold War, the transition from local to international market was doing and progressing well.

Earlier this year in his State of the Union Address, US President Barrack Obama said: “Russia is isolated and its economy is in tatters.”

Well, President Obama was somehow right considering the trouble in free-fall, down by half against the dollar in 6-months with a slump in the oil prices worldwide.

Diageo’s MD for the region Svetlana Naumova said in Russia, they are operating in a challenging environment of macroeconomic decline, currency volatility and consumers are trading down. He added that while the performance continues to be affected by the external factors, it is still a good and attractive market for Diageo.


Diageo Whiskies. Image credits to

A week after President Obama made his address, a report from BBC said that seventeen percent drop in the company’s Scotch whisky sales in Russia in the second half of 2014. The report further said that Johnnie Walker Red Label is still leading the scotch category while White Horse gained share.

Despite Obama rhetorically boast about the impact of western sanctions, Putin had just shrugged off about it.

“A big, black media war between the two countries,” these are the words of Cyril Claquin, Pernod Ricard’s CMO for Eastern Europe and Russia. Furthermore he said: “Of course the overall economy has slowed down if you consider the GDP figures, but we’re not in disaster mode. It was expected the Russian economy would collapse and consumers would panic and lose confidence about everything.”

Claquin added, “The premium whisky market is growing steadily by 8% in the off-trade in the year to date.”

He also credited two main factors of the said growth, as quoted he said: “The first is that consumer confidence has not eroded as dramatically as we expected, and secondly the market is very much fed by very aggressive promotions from almost all players.”

On the other hand, his opposite number at Campari, Cesare Vandini stated that the last 18 months have been less brilliant that usual in Russia stating further those consumers have become more sensitive to promotions.

However, Vandjni agrees with Claquin to the idea that brand owners are being “very aggressive” on price.

On the other hand, The Moscow Times had recently reported that Sinergia, Russia’s biggest vodka producer has retaliated with its own brands which are Captain Gin and Captain Rum. However, Diageo isn’t getting worried with it. Svetlana Naumova says that “among imported spirits, rum is the fastest growing category and Captain Morgan is gaining momentum”.

Meanwhile, last year Diageo just also launched a premium spirits drink with Irish whiskey called Rowson’s Reserve which is priced at RUB 500 (£5.60). This was made after being encouraged by the success of Shark Tooth.

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EFFEN Vodka Introduces their Limited Edition Bottle

effen vodka

EFFEN Vodka and its partner, 50 cent, have just recently introduced their new limited edition bottle of the premium liquor. As it arrived right in time for Super Bowl 50, the elegant bottle is in a football sleeve textured case. It is stamped with Fifty’s signature and logo as well.

effen vodka

Just in time for game day! Image by

During the press release, 50 Cent said, “EFFEN is the perfect example of LIQUID LUXURY, and it’s taking over. This limited edition football bottle will raise the game for your football party.”

Last year, EFFEN Vodka partnered with 50 Cent, whose business and marketing strategies, influential networks, passion, and high energy levels helped out the brand. Their partnership had already succeeded in introducing EFFEN to legal age fans. The brand was marketed through sponsorships, social media and retail programming, as well as in 50 Cent’s performances, music videos, and network.

According to the Senior Brand Director of Vodka at Beam Suntory, Jason Dolenga, the partnership is just a preview of what’s in store for the people. “50 Cent is one of the hardest-working businessmen out there and has played an integral role in the triple-digit growth of EFFEN Vodka this past year. We’re excited to launch this limited edition football bottle to give our fans a taste of the exciting things to come from EFFEN and 50 Cent in the future.”

The limited edition bottle of EFFEN Vodka is available at selected retailers nationwide this month with an SRP of $35.99 per 750 ml bottle. It is made up of 100% premium wheat through a continuous process of distillation. True to its name, EFFEN Vodka gives out a crisp and smooth feel, creating a clean taste on the mouth. Its stylish rubber sleeve just shows how committed EFFEN is in providing premium vodkas with their modern design.

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Brown-Forman, Sazerac Co. Agreed on the Sale of Southern Comfort and Tuaca

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Brown-Forman Corp., which acquired Southern Comfort in 1979 and Tuaca in 2002, announced on Thursday that the company already decided to sell these liqueur brands to Sazerac Co, for $543.5 million

Southern Comfort, the sweet, whisky-flavored liquor has been into struggle in the market as flavors has been added to bigger whisky brands like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Crown Royal Regal Apple, which indeed pushed into its category. Besides, Southern Comfort has also been unseated as the flavored whisky like Sazerac’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky becomes the choice of people in most bars. Tuaca on the other hand is an Italian liqueur with tastes of vanilla and orange that Brown Forman acquired in 2002, in which also been decided to be sold along with Southern Comfort.

Base on the company’s close monitoring, Southern Comfort sales fell another 7% on its sales volumes in October 31, six months after it declined by 4% to 2.2 million nine-liter cases in April 30. It is really been a big thing compared to Brown-Forman Jack Daniel’s line of brands that rose within the year to 7% or 21.3 million nine-liter cases.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Brown-Forman selling Southern Comfort to Sazerac for $543.5 million | Lexington Herald-Leader

During an earnings call with analysts in December, Brown-Forman Executive Paul Varga said they really tried to prop up Southern Comfort even though most people already preferred a more traditional whisky and flavored options of famous brands like Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal. The company still spent money for Southern Comfort last year, although it is already about to be sold and already looking for a buyer.

It spent for the release of video and song “ShottaSoCo” featuring actor Danny McBride that according to Spotify was a top-10 viral effort. “That’s evidence that the brand continues to get support and we continue to try to put our best foot forward in a really competitive environment for it,” Mr. Varga said.

The sale of Southern Comfort to Sazerac is expected to close March 1. The deal comes amid a prolonged slump for Southern Comfort. The sale is indeed very sensible for company’s strategy of getting itself out from producing challenged brands and noncore brands; as the company has already focused on Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve. These brands have grown in recent years in spite of a surge in the sales of American whiskey.

After buying Southern Comfort, Sazerac is thinking of a brand that is globally known. The company believes it can revitalize the sales of Southern Comfort, as what the company done for world’s fastest-growing brands like Fireball’s sales increase.

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The Award Winning Products of Lake Distillery Available in Morrisons and Served at Virgin Trains

Award Winning Products of Lake Distillery

Lake Distillery’s award-winning whisky, The ONE, is currently on sale in 43 Morrisons stores in the north west and North Yorkshire, and is available for first-class passengers of Virgin’s west coast services in London, north west, and Scotland. While Morrisons is stocking up on The Lakes Gin, Virgin Trains serve The Lakes Vodka.

It has been more than a year since The Lake Distillery at Setmurthy welcomed visitors. But their first product, The ONE, was introduced to the market in 2013. The ONE is a blend malt and grain whisky produced by other British distilleries. Meanwhile, The Lakes Gin and The Lakes Vodka were produced by the end of 2014, along with their Lakes Malt Whisky.

“We consistently seek to work with local producers such as The Lakes Distillery, which makes The ONE and The Lakes Gin perfect additions to our spirit range,” says Stefan Kaczmarczyk, CORR fortified wine buyer from Morrisons.

Stefan added that their involvement in the supply chain gave them control over the freshness, provenance, and quality. “We’re certainly impressed by the team at The Lakes Distillery,” he added.

On the other hand, CORR head of catering at Virgin Trains, Amanda Smit says they are committed to providing their customers with premium products while supporting local businesses within their routes.

“We’re delighted that we’re able to do with these superb spirits,” Amanda added.

The Lakes Distillery, England’s largest distillery, was set up by Paul Currie who has previously founded and ran the Isle of Arran Distillery. He said that they are taking advantage of the growing popularity of malt whiskies around the world. And he is delighted to have secured new varieties.

“Having such well-known respected brands eager to serve our products to their customers is a real compliment and testament to the thought and rigour that has gone into producing quality spirits. We try and source everything locally, whether it’s the ingredients that go into the spirits, the crafts we sell in our luxury gift shop or the food on the tables in the bistro.” Currie said during an interview.

Award Winning Products of Lake Distillery

Cumbrian spirits snapped up by Virgin Trains and major supermarket (From The Westmorland Gazette). Image:

The ONE, The Lakes Gin, and The Lakes Vodka have won medals in last year’s International Wine and Spirit Competition. They’ve also won a “tourism and hospitality” prize during the CN Group Business Awards which was held last October.

Lake Distillery’s bistro, on the other hand, was included in the Michelin Good Food Guide 2016 and recognized in the Open Table Diner’s Choice Awards for several consecutive months.

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Something New from Moylan’s Whisky of Northern California

Moylan's whisky

Stillwater Spirits is a premiere craft distillery located in Petaluma, Ca. It is one of those small players in the industry of distillery that is not much heard on a national level, yet very popular among the locals of this part of North California. Stillwater Spirit has been known for being the maker of high quality whisky.

Stillwater Spirits markets its whiskey under the Moylan’s Whisky brand. As addition to their craft, they have launched two new expressions of their whisky with new label look to be more interesting.

According to the distillery, they’re already out with their third release of “American whisky” bottling with the new Moylan 117.4 proof Double-Barrel Cask Strength Single-Malt Whisky and 86 proofs American Single – Malt Whisky. These new spirits are described by its founder Brendan Moylan in a statement as “true single-malt ‘whiskies made in American single malt method, and not with a Scotch style.

As to what the bottles contain, Stillwater described it as:

“Simply works of art”. The Double Barrel Cask Strength Single-Malt Whisky  was aged for a minimum of four years in a mix of new and first-fill or used American white oak barrels, and then finished in a mix of French oak and ex-orange brandy barrels which helps to give out the best spirit of this amazing whisky. The American Single-Malt Whisky is the same blend of their 5 different barrels of whisky casks.

Moylan's whisky

Making a long awaited come back is the Moylan’s line of whiskies. Photo by

Again, Moylan’s is an American Single Malt Whisky, not to be confused with single-malt Scotch. The difference had been described by Stillwater Spirits founder Brendan Moylan as   “All sweet, no peat.”

To come up with these extraordinary whiskies, Moylan’s Distilling Co. starts with the fermentation of 100% two-row barley, and then condenses the whisky wash into their Kentucky origin Vendome Copper Pot Still to produced the best quality handcraft whiskies.

For being a micro-distillery, Stillwater Spirits really make certain of their product quality and commitment to flavor; that is why these whiskies come through small batch sizes. As a result, these will only be available in limited release in a few select markets in Northern California.

So if these whiskies run out of stock in selected markets, you can check with the online liquor dealer in the nearby area to see if they have some bottles. You may also personally check the prices of these whiskies in the market or through websites of online retailers as there is no immediate pricing information was given yet.

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Where to Go for a Drink Outside I-285?


Cocktails have been one of the beloved drinks in the last decade. We’re now in the time of barrel-aged cocktails, house-made drinks, tincture and tonics, small-batch spirits, and fancy ice as well.

Empire State South, H. Harper Station, and Kimball House have been popular among Atlantans for serving a fine mixed drink. But there’s a whole world of drinks out there and we need to go beyond I-285 to discover new places. Here are six other places outside The Perimeter that you can check out.

Common Quarter

The Common Quarter is located in Johnson Ferry Road, Marrietta. The bar’s theme revolves around the South’s culinary heritage, with a “come as you are” vibe. Whether you go there with friends after gym or bringing your family after a baseball game, you’ll surely find comfort because of the familiar food and drinks served there.

Lindsay Ferdinand, the beverage director of the bar, offered seasonal, familiar foods on the menu; but also offers some unique, approachable cocktail choices.


Seed is also located along Jonshon Ferry Road, Marietta. It opened last 2010 in East Cobb and there wasn’t anything like it in the area. It joined the trend of committing to serve patrons a local, seasonal ingredients.

Chris McNeill, the beverage director, took the commitment of Seed very seriously. He built the bar around fresh ingredients, small-batch spirits, and local bitters. Seed’s cocktail drinkers are constantly introduced to the latest bar trends from all around the US.

Stem Wine Bar

Stem Wine Bar is again located along the Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. Just beyond the door at Seed, the bar has been East Cobb’s version of a European wine bar. The dimly-lit place is spacious, with a question mark-shaped bar in dark wood and marble. Although wine is Stem’s specialty, it didn’t leave out the cocktail scene. They also serve the classic before- and after- dinner drinks.


Creative cocktails in Atlanta. By

Foundation Social Eatery

Finally outside Marietta, Foundation Social eatery is located at Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell. The restaurant takes on a fresh approach of seasonal and local ingredients. Jamie McDonough, the manager of the bar, created a list of bright cocktails. They have honest cocktail choices for light sippers and playful riffs for classic drinkers.


Colletta, located at the Third Street, Alpharetta, is a sophisticated restaurant. So if you seek to impress your clients or just simply relax after a stressful day’s work, you might as well dine in here. Their bar offer  premium list of ingredients with house-made shrubs, bitters and syrups that just shows Italy’s cocktail traditions.

El Felix

El Felix, located at Avalon Boulevard, Alpharetta, is similar to Superica (the darling of the Tex-Mex followers) in terms of design and food and drinks menu. The bar serves young regulars, workers, and shoppers as well. Davis Pidgeon, their beverage director, says he has developed a bar menu that simply features classic margaritas and mojito cocktails. Aside from that, they have few zingers that include rye whiskey, horchata,as well as the very famous bloody mary.

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