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20 Whisky Things Whisky Lovers Love

Shopping for a whisky lover is does not compare in any way, shape or form, to shopping for a booze lover. Whisky is specific, so your gift should be purposeful; but don’t worry- we’ll guide you toward the most delighted smile of gratitude a gift has ever provoked.

Whisky is a sophisticated beverage with a bold and distinctive presence. Its seduction is absolute, making avid connoisseurs out of fledgeling curiosity and securing from its fans lifelong loyalty. You see, whisky is an emblem of good taste and drinkers aren’t just drinking whiskey- they’re drinking damn good whiskey.

Whisky good enough to validate the hundreds (and yes, sometimes thousands) of dollars spent on one single bottle demands excellence of everything that comes into contact with each of its golden drops. This includes containers and chilling agents such as ice or stones as well as anything that will transform subtle hints of flavor into tantalizing bursts of palatable pleasure.

Other than a fine bottle of the stuff itself, gift your whiskey lover with something that will upgrade a glass to its full potential. Here’s what a whisky drinker needs (and covets):

1. The Ingenious Whisky Wedge

Whisky Wedge

Whisky Wedge. Image:

Whiskey on the Rocks” is quite a satisfying phrase to say, however the gusto lasts exactly as long as the integrity of the ice cubes. Watery whisky is second only to warm whiskey and both are quite tragic.

The beauty of the Whisky Wedge lies in its simplicity. The efficiency and execution of this bold little edge of ice coveys an excellence worthy of a fine single malt.

Utilizing its surface area to effectively chill without diluting, the Whisky Wedge is the most functional slab of ice ever submerged in booze. Its ingenious design utilizes the space within the tumbler in such a way that minimizes the infusion of water, allowing each sip to remain full-flavored and perfectly tempered.

The cost of one Whiskey Wedge unit complete with old-fashioned tumbler and silicone ice mold is $25. The value of a perfect glass of whiskey however, is priceless. Watch ’em sip!

Where to buy: Amazon Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Whiskey Glass with Silicone Ice Form

2. The Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass. Image:

The whisky drinker is unassuming in style, allowing his taste to speak of him rather than for him; his genuity lies in the details.

While the most telling detail of a true whisky connoisseur is his recognition of a quality bottle, the glass in which he serves it is equally important.

Sure, an old-fashioned tumbler does the job well, but a true whisky fanatic (and we’re talking Scotch aficionados) will only pour his elixir into the Glencairn, recognized worldwide as the official whisky glass.

Designed to optimize every sensory component of true Scotch whisky, the Glencairn is the choice of purists- the boldest of whisky drinkers. These are the people that take their coffee black, and their whisky neat.

Who said buying for a simple man was complicated?

Where to buy: Amazon Glencairn Whisky Glass: Set of 4 in Deluxe Velvet Gift Box

3. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Smart Bottle

Whisky Smart Bottle

Whisky Smart Bottle. Image:

Know a whisky drinker who’s latest glass played the protagonist on all his social media platforms? Good– now you know exactly what to wrap in his gift box.

The Smart Bottle by Thinfilm, while slightly “over the top” for traditional whisky-drinking types is perfect for his millennial counterpart. Created to encourage informative interaction, this bottle will not only store whisky, but also provide brand communication and recipe suggestions.

Tweet that!

Where to buy: Hmmm… Tell us if you find.

4. Bottoms Up!… Wait

Whisky Space Glass

Whisky Space Glass. Image:

The rhetorical question, “what do you give to a whiskey-drinking astronaut?”, has finally been answered thanks to Ballantine’s very specific quest to enhance the whisky-drinking experience in outer space.

The answer is… an earthly sipping experience.

Ballantine’s Space Glass was designed specifically for your friend the whisky-drinking astronaut and engineered to enable sips in zero gravity.


Believe it or not, homesickness transcends time and space. A Space Glass literally provides both the taste and comfort of home.

Where to buy: Hmmm… Tell us if you find.

5. Whisky Decanter

Whisky Decanter

Whisky Decanter. Image:

When it comes to buying for a whisky drinker, there are two never-fail options: The obvious one is a fine bottle of the stuff itself- the second depends on where your friend keeps his whisky.

The artful whisky drinker likes to display his craft and there is no better way to do so than through an assortment of beautifully sculpted crystal decanters. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a collector and your gift-giving ventures just got effortless.

And why you need that thing called Decanter? Watch this video:

As long as you keep an eye out for quality (crystal is almost always a no-brainer), a whisky decanter will always be a never-fail gift option.

Where to buy: Amazon Old-Fashioned Whiskey Bottle Handmade Crystal Decanter

6. Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones. Image:

Now whisky stones are an issue of debate among whisky aficionados. But what we’re concerned about here is whether or not they would make a useful gift to a whisky fan. To this I say, it all depends on the fan and the level of fandom.

Those who like whisky and want to portray this love as often as possible usually keep whisky stones around just for the sake of sticking with the theme. This works much the same way as those Yankee coasters you’ve managed to keep in the back cabinet for seven years.

Ultimatum on whisky stones: a whisky enthusiast will like them more for their relation to whiskey than their function in keeping their whisky cool. First find out if they like it on the rocks.

Where to buy: Amazon Tuscani 8 Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes with Tongs

7. A Good Ol’ Ice Bucket

Whisky Ice Bucket

Whisky Ice Bucket. Image:

The ice bucket gift is for the type of whisky-drinker that enjoys his glass as he rotates sausages on his grill or floats down the river with a fishing rod and a handful of roasted peanuts in his pocket. This man is not going to analyze the body and aroma of his whisky. He’s not going to swirl it in the sunlight while admiring subtle changes in tone- he’s going to chunk some ice in a tumbler, splash some whisky on top, and enjoy a brief-lived chug that gives him a simple sort of satisfaction.

Where to buy: Amazon Newness Stylish Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs with Lid and Portable Handle

8. The Whisky Flask

Whisky Flask

Whisky Flask. Image:

A whisky flask is a great gift because we know everyone secretly wants one. Whisky-drinker or not, the appeal of the whiskey flask is universal. That being said, a whiskey aficionado has a special reason to appreciate the gift of a whisky flask- portable whisky, accessible anywhere, anytime.

To make a whisky flask a more personal gift, have it engraved or give it alongside a fine Scotch whisky. One thing is for sure though- you cannot possibly go wrong with this gift.

Where to buy: Amazon 8oz Shot Flask with Bonus Funnel and Money clip. Gift box included.

9. Whiskey Coasters

Whisky Coasters

Whisky Coasters. Image:

Why whiskey coasters? Because you’ve already used the whiskey love to inspire every gift you’ve ever given this person and that hand-crafted whiskey barrel table from last Christmas was expensive.

Plus these leather wrapped coasters are accentuate the man cave perfectly.

Coasters, like tumblers or glasses, are also a very affordable gifts that can also serve as small, but thoughtful presents (and stocking-stuffers).

Where to buy: Amazon Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey Leather Coaster | Set of 4 Coasters

10. Leather Whisky Case

Leather Whisky Case

Leather Whisky Case. Image:

A whisky case is the perfect gift for the whisky-lover with the streak of wanderlust.

Walnut Studiolo makes gorgeous leather whiskey cases for those who can’t bear to travel unquenched.

This case is designed to accommodate most scotch and whiskey bottles as well as wine (see, we’re also considering the wine-lovers).

Where to buy: Amazon Walnut Studiolo Leather Whiskey Case

11. Irish Peat Incense

Irish Turf Peat Incense

Irish Turf Peat Incense. Image:

Irish Turf Peat Incense


The Irish peat or turf incense is specifically appealing to whisky lovers, that is, lovers of real Irish Scotch and preferably familiar with the smell of a traditional Irish pub.

This little chunk of incense holds within it the essence of home, emitting the genuine aroma of a peat fire, burning alongside the rhythmic clinking of whisky-filled tumblers.

Where to buy: Amazon Irish Turf/Peat Incense and 1.5 inch sq Burner Plate

12. Water Jug

Whisky Water Jug

Whisky Water Jug. Image:

A water jar is the perfect jar for the whisky drinker who takes his Jameson with a splash of water.

When it comes to the purpose of this gift however, keep in mind that you don’t want to pick any water jug- a “splash” is a very precise measurement in the whisky-drinker’s vocabulary; it means the exact amount of water it will take to bring out the flavors in a good malt without diluting the taste.

A weighted pitcher is the best bet. These specialized jars are designed to allow for precision pouring, releasing by the drop, instead of a stream.

Where to buy: Amazon Glencairn Iona Scotch Whisky Pitcher or Mini Water Jug

13. Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

Whiskey Wet Shave Soap. Image:

While a luscious beard is not an official requirement for whiskey-drinking, it sure as hell looks cool to sip single malt fully decked out in facial hair. But that all depends on the style you bring to your whiskey game.

For those that prefer to keep their face-mane tamed, there’s shaving soap. Better yet, for those that enjoy the subtle hovering of a subtle whiskey scent, there’s Portland’s Whiskey Wet Shave Soap.

Clean-shaven and armed with a fine scotch- neat, of course.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

14. The Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine

Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine

Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine. Image:

… and then there was the eccentric. The Ardbeg Haar Scotch Mist Gadget is exactly as sci-fi as it sounds.

A mist-making device meant to simulate the cool Scottish fog descending upon the coast of Islay, the Ardbeg Haar utilizes ultrasound technology to vaporize scotch for one of the most unique whisky drinking experiences available.

The recipient of this gift should by association, be just as singular.

Where to buy: Try Ardbeg

15. Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum with Whiskey

Evaflor Double Whisky Men Eau de Toilette

Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum with Whiskey . Image:

While the very idea of spritzing a whisky person with something fragrant seems irrevocably unconceivable, you have only to get a sense of this whisky-inspired scent to understand why of all things, a perfume would make a whiskey-lover’s must-have list.

Present yet subtle, this fragrance is the only thing its recipient will ever wear hence forward.

Where to buy: Amazon Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum II with Dark Rose, Whiskey, Amber Powder (Anniversary Special Edition)

16. American Oak Barrel’s Outlaw Kit

Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel - Make Your Own Highland Malt Scotch Whisky

Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel. Image:

I’m not sure if someone could really be called a whisky aficionado if he hasn’t tried to age his own whisky yet. But of course, everyone must start somewhere, so for those just venturing into the depths of their vice, the most perfect of gifts could only be a nice hefty barrel kit.

American Oak Barrel makes an excellent natural oak barrel meant to speed up the aging process for bourbon, whisky (and whiskey, respectively), scotch, brandy, cognac, and rum.

Even more so than a fine bottle of scotch itself, this kit is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Where to buy: Amazon Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel – Make Your Own Highland Malt Scotch Whisky

17. Whisky: The Definitive World Guide

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide. Image:

In case the recipient of this very thoughtful gift isn’t already an insufferable whiskey know-it-all, this excellent guide is sure to make him so.

A guide in every sense of the word, this gorgeous hardcover isn’t just coffee-table decoration. It’s a harsh world out there for the would-be whiskey literate and believe it or not, “whisky” and “whiskey” cannot be used interchangeably in serious scotch lingo.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

18. Whiskey Barrel Tea-light Holder

Whiskey Barrel Tealight Holder

Whiskey Barrel Tealight Holder. Image:

For the whiskey lover lamenting over wasted barrels, this tea-light-holder is the one valuable repurposed craft. It also doesn’t hurt to kindle the ambiance with soft candle-light while enjoying a warm glass of your favorite single malt.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Barrel Tealight holder

19. Whisky-Flavored Lip Balm

Whisky Flavour Lip Balm

Whisky Flavour Lip Balm. Image:

For hardcore whisky-lovers only. This type of gift, while deceptively subtle, is for the type of whisky-drinker that can’t bear to part with the scent of whiskey.

With the same delicacy as a soft kiss, this whisky-flavored lip balm brushes the lips ever so lightly, leaving a lingering hint of fine scotch- just enough to awaken the experience of that last glass.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Business – Whiskey and Cola Lip Balm 3 Pack

20. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Whisky Barrel Coffee Table

Whisky Barrel Coffee Table. Image:

This “coffee table” (we all know what liquid’s really being poured on its surface) makes a perfect home-warming gift, to be immediately escorted to the man-cave.

Handmade and custom-fitted to the specific dimensions of your room, this coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture for any whiskey-loving, interior-design conscious person on your gift list.

Just make sure to throw in those coasters!

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Barrel Table

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Gauteng MPLs Disclose a Variety of Gifts


An RDP house, bottles of whisky and wine, a R4 500 cash donation, 43c worth of shares, and a paid return trip to Port Elizabeth are just some of the items that were disclosed by the Glauteng Legislature on Wednesday.

Lindiwe Lasindwa, an MPL and chairwoman of the portfolio committee on infrastructure development, confirmed that she’s the owner of the RDP house since 1998. It is situated in KwaThema Springs. She also said that she owns another house within the area.

Lasindwa also has 3 vehicles, which includes the 2015 model Mercedes-Benz. “I was just disclosing what I owned. I did not want to hide anything,” she said in a statement on Wednesday.

Members of the legislature are now required to disclose their business interests in their legislature members’ register, including Premier David Makhura.

Of the 73 MPLs, another MPL and member of the ANC Women’s League Jackie Mofokeng, confirmed that she received R4 500 donation in behalf of the league for their justice campaign for Reeva Steenkamp. Steenkamp was murdered by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius, a Paralympian, in 2013.

Mofokeng also received a sponsored returned trip to Port Elizabeth last November to attend Reeva Steenkamp Foundation’s formation.

Meanwhile, Human Settlements MEC Paul Mashatie also received bottles of whisky as a gift. Presently, he owns R250 shares of Telkom. He also has a BMW X6 and a VW GTI.


Gauteng MPLs declare surprising array of gifts. Photo by

Makhura also said that he received golf shoes, as well as two bottles of whisky, wine, and Russian vodka. He also received pens for his birthday. He currently owns 2 houses, located in Midrand and Limpopo, as well as a 2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharge.

Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu disclosed his ownership of a house at a certain location. In 2015, she received a Johnnie Walker Platinum Whisky worth R949.95 for Christmas, as well as Meerlust Chardonnay and an R700 worth of gift basket.

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Having a Hard Time Choosing a Gift for Your Guy?


Women can be very complicated that not all men understand them. But try to fit into their shoes when they are looking to buy a gift for their men and you’ll probably learn that men can be just as complicated as well.

Buying gifts for men is one of the most confusing, if not complicated, tasks for women. In fact, some women would say it’s easier to crack Rocket Science! While wallets may seem too casual, giving watch would seem too formal. Clothing and accessories is too main stream and perfumes may send the wrong message. It’s just too difficult to find a good one for an all-occasions gift. This dilemma isn’t only happening to women from daily walks of life, even celebrities are at a loss. Well, fret no more because there’s a perfect gift out there!

Many Bollywood celebrities like Chitrangada Singh and Lisa Haydon chose the USL’s Scotch Whisky Collections to give as a gift to the men of their lives. It can be given not only to your beau or partner, but you can also give it to your male boss, your friend, and even your parents and in-laws.


USL-Diageo’s Scotch Whisky Gift Collection. Photo:

“I believe we have solved the dilemma of gifting for men. Earlier it was a task to find the right gift for the right occasion but the Scotch Whisky Collection is the ideal gift for all occasions. All men appreciate their Scotch whisky and am sure would cherish such a gift,” says Lisa Haydon.

Whether your man is throwing a celebratory party after landing a big deal or just relaxing after a long day’s work, the Scotch Whisky Collection would never go out of style. Whether he is throwing himself a birthday party with his closest friends or just wants to show off his collections at your bar cabinet, Scotch is just the classiest way to do it. In addition to that, each time he would look at his prized Scotch Whisky Collection, he’d always be in awe of your taste in giving gifts!

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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Whisky Stone Craft Set

So a friend or family recently moved into a new house or apartment. Whether this transition is due to a whole new relationship level or they want to go on a new adventure, this life event is something that you guys should celebrate. Here are some of the budget-friendly gifts that you can give without worrying about how much money you have.

Illume Amber Dunes Cavern Glass Handle

This beautiful candle costs around $45 only. The candle is almost too nice to use. But once the wax runs out, the owner will have an awesome piece of container on their hands. It’s a win-win, right?

Whiskey Stones Craft Set

For only $16, you may give a set of 6 whiskey stones that mixologists and old-fashioned whiskey lovers will seriously appreciate. These amazing cubes allow them to enjoy their drink without having to water them down.

Whisky Stone Craft Set

Whiskey Stones Craft Set. Image:

Viddy DIY Pinhole Camera Kit

The Viddy DIY Camera Kit will cost you $26. The kit comes with the things a homemaker will need to create their own pinhole camera; it’s both fun and functional. Plus, there’s a bonus: the photos that your friends or family will take will make a cool new home décor.

Bret Crammer’s Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Do away with slurping your hand to prepare for tequila shots! Bret Crammer’s Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses allow salt to flow right with your yummy tequila. You can get this for only $28. These glasses are a perfect accessory for a new home.

Stanley Adventure Flask

The Stanley Adventure Flask can be bought for only $25. You don’t have to be outdoors to use it; you can put coffee or whiskey and drink them on the go!

Hendri Bendel Striped Earbuds

If your friend or family loves music or listens to podcast this earbuds are made just for them. For only $14, they come with an awesome rad case.

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The Perfect Gift for Men: The Scotch Whisky Collection

Scotch Whisky

One of the many traditions in India is to exchange gifts in every occasion. The gift items actually reflect their status; which is why consumers nowadays want a touch of style and uniqueness. In the past years, the gifting industry in India has grown because of increasing disposable incomes, exposure to worldwide trends, and aspiration levels. Currently, it can be categorized as personal, festival, and corporate gifting.

A special dinner was hosted by the United Spirits Limited which was attended by popular personalities Chitrangada Singh, Lisa Haydon, Shibani Dandekar, and Nitesh Chhapru (Head of Marketing, Premium core Portfolio, United Spirits Unlimited). The company unveiled their Scotch Whisky Collection: An Exceptional Gift for men on all occasions.

Scotch Whisky

United Spirits Ltd. Unveil the Scotch Whisky Collection as an exceptional gift for men. Image(c)

The Scotch Whisky Collection consists of a premium range of Scotch whiskies: the Black Dog, Vat 69, and Black & White. They are an ideal gift for whisky connoisseurs who loves specially-crafted collectible gift packs. Whether you plan to relax with a Black Dog, or savor the famous Vat 69, or feel the warmth of Black & White, there’s definitely a perfect blend for every moment.

The collection was launched to solve the dilemma of gifting for men, which was hosted by Anuradha Menon who kept the audience entertained with witty comments. Celebrities Lisa Hydon, Shibani Dandekar, and Chitrangada Singh commented that the Scotch Whisky Collection made it simpler to buy gifts for men.

Meanwhile, Nitesh Chhapru said, “The gifting market in India has become a billion dollar industry and is still evolving. People are now looking at more innovative and personalized options while purchasing their gifts. Keeping this in mind, we have launched The Scotch Whisky Collection: An Exceptional Gift with the finest of our Scotch Whisky blends to celebrate all occasions.”

United Spirits introduces you to a premium blends for gifting during the festive season that would surely delight men and whisky connoisseurs.

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The Best Gift You could Give to a Man?

Scotch Whisky Collection

In a world where gift-giving is part of the culture, Scotch whisky is definitely the best gift a man can get. Giving two leading whiskies that are steadily making its way to Indian market, a proof of how women celebrated its virtues as well.

Actress Chitrangada Singh told the INS during the launch of spirits major Diageo-USL’s Scotch Whisky Collection that, “Growing up, the strongest memory that I have when I think of parties, or a celebration, is my father pulling out a bottle of whisky, a Scotch whisky, for his friends.”

According to her, mostly her father would pull out a VAT 69 bottle. “He is a whisky drinker even now and he enjoys it, he savours it. He often talks about the art, the whole craft; the time it takes to make whisky… did I grow up on Scotch? Yes, I grew up on the smell of scotch… so; I think if I were to gift it, it’ll be a VAT 69 to my father who enjoys it even today, a good drink of whisky.”

Scotch Whisky Collection

Scotch Whisky Collection. Photo:

Singh explained that she would give it as a present because she hears a lot of her friends talk about how they enjoyed Scotch whisky. “I would gift it because I do hear a lot of my friends (talk about it), a lot of my male friends enjoy it and I think a lot of young people are starting to enjoy Scotch whisky which is something that was something else earlier.”

There are four brands of the Scotch Whisky Collection: the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, which is a luxury blend of a premium aged malt and grain whisky that is matured in oloraso sherry casks for character and depth; the Black Dog Black Reserve, which is blended with a variety of malts from different regions of Scotland; Black & White with premium Speyside and Highland whiskies that will balance body and flavor; and, VAT 69, which is chosen among blends made by popular blenders.

If a person is a drinker, Scotch whisky is a very good gift, says Singh. It won’t be set aside in the corner; you’d know that it will be enjoyed by many people.

According to Shibani Dandekar, a sports anchor, it is actually the men who are hard to buy for (and not the ladies) because you don’t know the kind of shirt or ties they need. It is a taste-specific gesture that this dilemma has resulted to giving SWC collection because it is almost guaranteed that men will love it.

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The Dingle Cask No. 2: Collector’s Item

The Dingle Cask No. 2

“A Glass Apart”, a book written by Fionnan O’Connor, is becoming increasingly popular for being the most comprehensive guide to Irish whiskey. He recently came back from Hong Kong for a trade mission and he only has one thing in mind: the bottling of a brand new Irish whiskey, “Dingle Cask No. 2”.

Bottling of Irish Whiskey

The Dingle Cask No. 2 is the bottling of the first cask in the Dingle distillery that has reached maturity. Bottled three years ago, the cask’s journey to maturation in an American Bourbon cask has been closely monitored; from the beginning, middle, and the end of the maturation process. He expects only great things from the finished product, describing it as a light drink that is basically different from the others on the market.

When asked on how he can be so certain, O’Connor says that the bottling of the single malt reveals the truth of the modern Irish whiskey market. While there are many whiskey brands that have been on the shelves over the past few years, the Dingle whiskey is actually the first single malt whiskey from Ireland in the past 25 years.

The Dingle Cask No. 2

Dingle Distillery’s New Single Malt Marks a Turning Point for Irish Whiskey. Photo credits to

“The new Irish whiskey industry is partly a mirage. The new whiskeys are great, the enthusiasm they’ve generated has been fantastic but what they don’t often admit is that the majority of the new brands are all distillates from the same great distillery — Cooley,” says O’Connor.

About Cooley

Cooley, which was established by John Teelin in the 1980s, was sold to a company based in the US (Beam Inc) in 2012.  Beam was eventually bought by a Japanese company, Suntory Holdings, last year. Distillates from Cooley are now supplying the main Irish independent labels, according to O’Connor, as various distilleries wait for the maturation of their own spirits.

The boom of the Irish whiskey industry is still in the corner and what Dingle will be producing may help in defining that “boom”.

“In about eight years many of the new distillers will have produced their own truly new Irish whiskies and the race for dominance will really begin,” says O’Connor.

Dingle Cask No. 2

Dingle Cask No. 2 will be producing 200 bottles which will be priced at €350 each, many of those are already reserved for the Founding Fathers of the distillery. Founding Fathers is an investment scheme wherein people purchase casks at a competitive rate and take part in the making of the Dingle Distillery.

Being priced at €250 per bottle, it’s quite expensive; however, the bottling of the cask is also a collector’s item.

“It marks the beginning of a new journey for the distillery. By Easter 2016, enough of the casks will have reached maturity to start bottling and marketing Dingle Single Malt and Dingle Pot Still on an ongoing basis. After that it’s about distribution and reaching out to new markets,” says Oliver Hughes, whose Porterhouse Group has a distillery.

Dingle Cask No. 2 is available at the Dingle Whisky Bar in Dublin from December 21st.

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