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Celebrating National Beer Day in Oregon

National Beer Day

In April 7th of 1933, former president Roosevelt legalized beer; hence, National Beer Day is celebrated on this day. He signed a bill that would allow people to produce and sell beer again, which was the first step that ended prohibition.

National Beer Day

Cheers To National Beer Day! Picture from

Find out how your favorite bars in Oregon celebrate this very special day!

Brew Hog Blowout

From 4-10 PM, North 45 Pub, located at 517 N.W. 21 Avenue will be hosting a Brew Hog Blowout in celebration of the National Beer Day. There will be 21 brewers filling the patio to end the Brew Hog series and their last chance for the delectable smoked ribs.

Dam Flat Tail’s Dam Wild Invasion

Saraveza, located at 1004 N. Killingsworth Street, is hosting a Dam Flat Tail’s Dam Wild Dam Invasion where they will have 3 beers from their seasonal series served side by side. Nominate your favorite dam; the one that garners the most votes would win a prize from the Dam gift shop. The Dam Wild series makes use of the sour blonde that is fermented with a proprietary yeast strain which is mixed with various ingredients. On Thursday’s tap are Peaches and Cream, Pink Lemonade, Marion Berries and Pink Peppercorns.

Beer Dinner at Altabira City Tavern with Culmination

Altabira and Culmination will be celebrating the National Beer Day serving a cuisine cooked by Altabira chef Luis Escorcia, paired with a Culmination beer. The beers that will be featured are the Euphoric Brett IPA and the Choco Mountain Stout. Altabira City Tavern is located at 1021 N.E. Grand Avenue. They will be open from 3:30 PM until closing.

Block 15 Tap Takeover at Orenco Taphouse

Orenco Taphouse, located at 1198 N.E. Orenco Station Parkway, Hillsboro, will be featuring Block 15 of Corvallis at their taps. Beers that will be slated include Alpha IPA (a Northwest-style IPA); Block 15’s seasonal lineup; Gloria; Demon’s Farm; Sticky Hands; and Incredible.

2016 Nano Beer Fest

The Nano Beer Fest or the World’s Largest Nano Beer Fest will feature over 30 brewers this weekend. It will be held at John’s Marketplace, located at 3535 S.W. Multnomah Boulevard, for only $20 per ticket. Aside from meet-the-brewer opportunities and tastings, they will be giving away rare bottles of beer, memorabilia, and hourly prizes. The raffles will benefit the Oregon Humane Society, which will feature adoptable dogs on Saturday, from noon to 3 in the afternoon. There will be a preview party on April 8th, from 5 to 10 in the evening, at The Commons, with 6 participating nano-breweries.

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Who Says You Can’t Drink Alcohol While Losing Weight?

Losing weight with alcohol

As we all know, alcohol may give us either a beer belly or abs. As a matter of fact, according to a research conducted by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who drink one or two glasses a day are less likely to gain weight than those who take an extra 433 calories on days they consume a couple of drinks.

Although drink-fueled foods may be the culprit for weight gain, 61 percent of the calories come from the alcohol itself. Therefore, if you’ve been trying to lose weight and you want to enjoy drinks on occasion, then you’d better think about the drinks you choose. Here are the best and worst alcohol beverages that you can order.

The Best Alcohol

  • Assuming that you’re drinking from a standard 5-ounce glass, you can expect to take in 100-120 calories per glass of red or white wine. However, you have to consider things when you choose to drink wine. White wine contains fewer carbohydrates, which makes a little difference when you talk about calories. Meanwhile, red wine is richer in antioxidants; the ellargic acid from the red wine helps delay the growth of fat cells, according to the 2014 study in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.
  • “Fortified wine with higher alcohol content and infused spices and herbs, vermouth is a calorie saver if you have it by itself – as it’s commonly served in Europe,” said Georgie Fear, R.D., the author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss. It contains 64 calories per 1.5 ounce serving with only 15-18 percent alcohol. It also contains polyphenol compounds that help promote healthy weight loss.
  • Straight Liquor. If you’re worried about the calories, then shots and straight booze on the rocks are the best ways to go. As calories increase with alcohol content, the different isn’t that huge. For example, a shot of 86-proof whiskey has 105 calories, while a shot of 80-proof vodka has 97. Keep in mind, however, that the sweeter the liquor, the more calories it has. Thus, if you want a flavor boost, try low-calorie mixers.
  • Light Beers. With only little carbs and calories, these are the best beers for weight loss. Many of them contain 90 to 100 calories per 12 ounce, while extra-light beers only have 55 to 65 calories. Remember, though, to not use this as an excuse to have more beers than usual or you won’t reap the benefits.
Losing weight with alcohol


The Worst Alcohol

  • Cocktails are sugar-laden drinks, which mean it is packed with calories. For instance, when you drink margarita, your body may be overwhelmed with alcohol that your body won’t properly metabolize the sugar; instead, it will store it as fat.
  • Craft Beers. For the past few years, craft beers have been popular among those who drink. What they don’t realize is that it is packed with more calories than the regular beer. Every gram of this good stuff contains seven calories. For instance, Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA with 18 percent alcohol per volume contains about 450 calories per bottle — which is typically a meal in a glass.

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Speyside: What You Should Know

Speyside Festival

Want to know a fun fact? The only time alcohol is allowed in the House of Commons is during Budget Day. According to Parliamentary tradition, the chancellor may drink whatever he wishes to drink when making a budget speech; most of them opt for whisky. Rumor has it; Kenneth Clarke was partial to drinking Glenfarclas from Speyside while giving his speeches.

A Festival in Speyside

The 2016 Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival will be taking place from Aril 28 to May 2. If you’ve tasted the various whiskies produced in this part of the world, you’d know that delivering a serious speech while drinking a dram is difficult.

If you ask me, Speyside whisky is somewhat like a lover. It needs to be treated kindly and respectfully, looked at and admired, and of course, tasted. Where you drink it is also of significance, particularly with expensive malts, as you’d want to savor the flavor while taking in your surroundings.

There are a lot of Speyside available with a handful of good places to enjoy a dram. Aside from that, there is no shortage of experts who will give you an idea about their favorite dram; where it’s produced and its little history.

Speyside Festival


History of Whisky Distillation

A few years ago, distilling whisky was rather tricky. With primitive equipment, lack of expertise and knowledge, you’d probably end up with a lethal spirit. As distillation processes have been improved over time, advancements were seen. Apparently, monks had significant knowledge about distilling which explains why they are often seen happy and peacefully quiet. Soon, whisky has become a tradition in Scotland and was served in many social gatherings.

However, all things come with a price. Taxmen soon wanted shares from the profits. This resulted to stills that were produced underground. If we believe rumors, the remote Braes of Glenlivet had over 200 illegal stills operating during the major whisky smuggling era. There were 3 major whisky roads that started there which allowed smugglers to transport their goods to cities in the east and south. Evading taxmen and smuggling whisky has become a part of life after the English Parliament was established in 1644.

Present Day

Today, on the other hand, is a different story. While Speyside is known as the home of Scotch whisky as well as more than half of the distilleries in Scotland, many of which are organizing special events during festivals that sell out quickly; hence, booking in advance is important. Highlights to festivals include tastings in various distilleries, fine dining experiences, live music, and challenges to find the best whisky in town that would go well with bacon roll.

Where to Stay during Festivals

A highly recommended accommodation among tourists is the Craigellachie Hotel on Victoria Street in Speyside. Sounds familiar? This historic hotel, which has been elegantly upgraded without losing its old-style charm, has become popular among celebrities including Noel Gallagher and Kate Moss. The hotel gives off a vintage and relaxed vibe and a bar that serves over 700 whisky bottles, making it a rather fun place to chill.

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The Whiskey Business: Nostalgia, Drinks, and Food

whisky business

Having a name like Whiskey Business, a drink called Milli Vanilli, condiments placed in metal Ninja Turtles lunch boxes, and the song “Wannabe” in the sound system; it’s really obvious what the newest bar at Wicker Park is going for — a nice 90’s throwback! This makes us want to post throwback photos of family vacations in oversized T-shirts and click on stories like “10 Things You Never Knew About ‘FRIENDS’”.

The well of profit from nostalgic young individuals runs deep and it’s quite easy for them to drink too much. Fortunately, Whiskey Business treads slightly in this niche that nostalgia has become a conversation piece for their customers. Remove the lunch boxes and rename the drinks and you’d still have the same appeal: a spacious bar with a great selection of whiskies and a come-as-you-are feel. Pajamas? Cool. Silky dress? Cool.

whisky business

Whiskey Business brings 115 whiskeys, 14 flavors of fries to Wicker Park. Photo by

What you should look forward to

Have your drinks made with any of their 115 whiskeys, from standards like Old Overholt and Bulleit to popular selections like Lock, Stock, and Barrel 13-year. They also have single malt scotches available all the way up to 25-year Laphroaig, Irish whiskeys, bourbons, ryes, and Japanese whiskeys as well. You can also have wine, beer, and other lighter spirits as you wish. A must-try is the Ginnie Cooper (a play of “”The Wonder Years” character Winnie Cooper) that is made with a gin called the Death’s Door, Carpano Bianca vermouth, lime, and cherry. It is tart but balanced. Or, opt for a Fireball shot.

Their food menu is aggressively bar, without the salads: Andouille sausage corn dogs; jumbo boneless wings in 5 flavors; a burger that is stuffed with mac and cheese; or the option of getting a bacon in a cup. On weekends, on the other hand, there’s bloody Mary skewered with the newly opened Cheesie’s grilled cheese.

Who is Behind the Establishment?

Chris Johnston, from Chicago, is behind both spots, as well as the Cheesie’s that is located in Lakeview, an infamous place for the drunk and the hungry. The vibe in this place is far less college, though you can imagine cranking up the volume on Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys and things getting rowdy.

You can practically see TVs everywhere in this place — above the bar, lining the walls, and on the rooftop, which opens when the weather turns. Typically, the air sports shows, and not politics.

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The Best Gift You could Give to a Man?

Scotch Whisky Collection

In a world where gift-giving is part of the culture, Scotch whisky is definitely the best gift a man can get. Giving two leading whiskies that are steadily making its way to Indian market, a proof of how women celebrated its virtues as well.

Actress Chitrangada Singh told the INS during the launch of spirits major Diageo-USL’s Scotch Whisky Collection that, “Growing up, the strongest memory that I have when I think of parties, or a celebration, is my father pulling out a bottle of whisky, a Scotch whisky, for his friends.”

According to her, mostly her father would pull out a VAT 69 bottle. “He is a whisky drinker even now and he enjoys it, he savours it. He often talks about the art, the whole craft; the time it takes to make whisky… did I grow up on Scotch? Yes, I grew up on the smell of scotch… so; I think if I were to gift it, it’ll be a VAT 69 to my father who enjoys it even today, a good drink of whisky.”

Scotch Whisky Collection

Scotch Whisky Collection. Photo:

Singh explained that she would give it as a present because she hears a lot of her friends talk about how they enjoyed Scotch whisky. “I would gift it because I do hear a lot of my friends (talk about it), a lot of my male friends enjoy it and I think a lot of young people are starting to enjoy Scotch whisky which is something that was something else earlier.”

There are four brands of the Scotch Whisky Collection: the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, which is a luxury blend of a premium aged malt and grain whisky that is matured in oloraso sherry casks for character and depth; the Black Dog Black Reserve, which is blended with a variety of malts from different regions of Scotland; Black & White with premium Speyside and Highland whiskies that will balance body and flavor; and, VAT 69, which is chosen among blends made by popular blenders.

If a person is a drinker, Scotch whisky is a very good gift, says Singh. It won’t be set aside in the corner; you’d know that it will be enjoyed by many people.

According to Shibani Dandekar, a sports anchor, it is actually the men who are hard to buy for (and not the ladies) because you don’t know the kind of shirt or ties they need. It is a taste-specific gesture that this dilemma has resulted to giving SWC collection because it is almost guaranteed that men will love it.

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Brown-Forman, Sazerac Co. Agreed on the Sale of Southern Comfort and Tuaca

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Brown-Forman Corp., which acquired Southern Comfort in 1979 and Tuaca in 2002, announced on Thursday that the company already decided to sell these liqueur brands to Sazerac Co, for $543.5 million

Southern Comfort, the sweet, whisky-flavored liquor has been into struggle in the market as flavors has been added to bigger whisky brands like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Crown Royal Regal Apple, which indeed pushed into its category. Besides, Southern Comfort has also been unseated as the flavored whisky like Sazerac’s Fireball Cinnamon Whisky becomes the choice of people in most bars. Tuaca on the other hand is an Italian liqueur with tastes of vanilla and orange that Brown Forman acquired in 2002, in which also been decided to be sold along with Southern Comfort.

Base on the company’s close monitoring, Southern Comfort sales fell another 7% on its sales volumes in October 31, six months after it declined by 4% to 2.2 million nine-liter cases in April 30. It is really been a big thing compared to Brown-Forman Jack Daniel’s line of brands that rose within the year to 7% or 21.3 million nine-liter cases.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky

Brown-Forman selling Southern Comfort to Sazerac for $543.5 million | Lexington Herald-Leader

During an earnings call with analysts in December, Brown-Forman Executive Paul Varga said they really tried to prop up Southern Comfort even though most people already preferred a more traditional whisky and flavored options of famous brands like Jack Daniel’s and Crown Royal. The company still spent money for Southern Comfort last year, although it is already about to be sold and already looking for a buyer.

It spent for the release of video and song “ShottaSoCo” featuring actor Danny McBride that according to Spotify was a top-10 viral effort. “That’s evidence that the brand continues to get support and we continue to try to put our best foot forward in a really competitive environment for it,” Mr. Varga said.

The sale of Southern Comfort to Sazerac is expected to close March 1. The deal comes amid a prolonged slump for Southern Comfort. The sale is indeed very sensible for company’s strategy of getting itself out from producing challenged brands and noncore brands; as the company has already focused on Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve. These brands have grown in recent years in spite of a surge in the sales of American whiskey.

After buying Southern Comfort, Sazerac is thinking of a brand that is globally known. The company believes it can revitalize the sales of Southern Comfort, as what the company done for world’s fastest-growing brands like Fireball’s sales increase.

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Where to Go for a Drink Outside I-285?


Cocktails have been one of the beloved drinks in the last decade. We’re now in the time of barrel-aged cocktails, house-made drinks, tincture and tonics, small-batch spirits, and fancy ice as well.

Empire State South, H. Harper Station, and Kimball House have been popular among Atlantans for serving a fine mixed drink. But there’s a whole world of drinks out there and we need to go beyond I-285 to discover new places. Here are six other places outside The Perimeter that you can check out.

Common Quarter

The Common Quarter is located in Johnson Ferry Road, Marrietta. The bar’s theme revolves around the South’s culinary heritage, with a “come as you are” vibe. Whether you go there with friends after gym or bringing your family after a baseball game, you’ll surely find comfort because of the familiar food and drinks served there.

Lindsay Ferdinand, the beverage director of the bar, offered seasonal, familiar foods on the menu; but also offers some unique, approachable cocktail choices.


Seed is also located along Jonshon Ferry Road, Marietta. It opened last 2010 in East Cobb and there wasn’t anything like it in the area. It joined the trend of committing to serve patrons a local, seasonal ingredients.

Chris McNeill, the beverage director, took the commitment of Seed very seriously. He built the bar around fresh ingredients, small-batch spirits, and local bitters. Seed’s cocktail drinkers are constantly introduced to the latest bar trends from all around the US.

Stem Wine Bar

Stem Wine Bar is again located along the Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. Just beyond the door at Seed, the bar has been East Cobb’s version of a European wine bar. The dimly-lit place is spacious, with a question mark-shaped bar in dark wood and marble. Although wine is Stem’s specialty, it didn’t leave out the cocktail scene. They also serve the classic before- and after- dinner drinks.


Creative cocktails in Atlanta. By

Foundation Social Eatery

Finally outside Marietta, Foundation Social eatery is located at Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell. The restaurant takes on a fresh approach of seasonal and local ingredients. Jamie McDonough, the manager of the bar, created a list of bright cocktails. They have honest cocktail choices for light sippers and playful riffs for classic drinkers.


Colletta, located at the Third Street, Alpharetta, is a sophisticated restaurant. So if you seek to impress your clients or just simply relax after a stressful day’s work, you might as well dine in here. Their bar offer  premium list of ingredients with house-made shrubs, bitters and syrups that just shows Italy’s cocktail traditions.

El Felix

El Felix, located at Avalon Boulevard, Alpharetta, is similar to Superica (the darling of the Tex-Mex followers) in terms of design and food and drinks menu. The bar serves young regulars, workers, and shoppers as well. Davis Pidgeon, their beverage director, says he has developed a bar menu that simply features classic margaritas and mojito cocktails. Aside from that, they have few zingers that include rye whiskey, horchata,as well as the very famous bloody mary.

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The Whisky Expo

Prometheus Whisky

If you want to experience a grand holiday, Mahesh Patel  — famous for his 5,000 bottle whisky collection worth over $6 million — wants to take you for a $2.5 million whisky experience in Scotland.

According to Patel, the main idea is to get 5 people on the jet to Scotland, where they will be going to private tours, tastings, and dinners at some of the most popular distilleries in Scotland: Balvenie, Dalmore, Glenfiddich, and Strathisia, home of the 62 Gun Salute.

What you will Enjoy During the Trip?

While you’re on the trip, you will be picking up a cask of a very old whisky from one of the three family-owned distilleries in Scotland, Glenfarclas. You will be choosing a cask and transferring it to customized decanters that are made by Glencairn crystal, a company owed by a very famous family in Scotland.

Patel will be giving high roller tickets to the four-day Universal Whisky Experience which will be held at Wynn Encore Resort in Las Vegas. The Whisky Expo will be featuring more than 90 top brands with a special 8-course whisky dinner at the restaurant of Chef Joel Robuchon.

Prometheus Whisky

Prometheus Whisky

Lap of Luxury: $2.5M whisky tour of Scotland. Image by

Prometheus, a 26-year old whisky, is sold for about $1,000. It comes from the most popular distilleries in Scotland that Patel is keeping a secret. It’s an old-style whisky that his house became popular for.

According to Patel, Prometheus comes from Greek Mythology. Prometheus is the one who came to the world, did incredible things and died. Patel will only sell a limited number of bottles (about 1,000) of Promtehus this year at 26, next year at 27, again 28, and 29. The amount of whisky that will be left will be bottled at year 30 and then Prometheus will be gone. Currently, the stock is already diminishing.

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Behold the Top Grain Whiskies

grain whiskies

Get the newest trend of grain whiskies from Scotland to Japan…enjoy the sweet fruity finish, unique spice, and nutty taste.

grain whiskies

Find out why you should be drinking single-grain whiskies. By

·         Nikka Coffey Grain

It is also called Hedonism’s casks, which tastes sharp and has a spirit of nuttiness. The taste of this whisky is a combination of oak, vanilla, and toffee popcorn which gives importance to bourbon. In the year 1934, the father of Japanese whisky, Masataka Taketsuru established the Nikka Whisky Distilling Company. The current Coffey stills used in Nikka’s Miyagikyo distillery came from stills imported from Scottland in 1960s. These stills are known to produce more flavourful whisky compared to the modern stills used today. The grain whisky produced by the said distillery is predominantly made from corn.

·         The 25 Year Old Girvan Patent Still

The producer of the very popular Hendricks gin, Girvan is one among the biggest distilleries in Scotland, owned by William Grant. This grain whisky is stored for 25 years in American white oak casks. Basically, it is made from locally grown wheat, having the taste of vanilla and fruit leaving your mouth the sweetness of the whisky and a bite of spiced wood. The Girvan Patent Still is a must-try, needless to mention that it is made in a 380-acre site.

·         The Callyiv

This is the whisky with a sweet, buttery taste, and slightly acidic fruity blend. It is also known to give out a warming spice and lingering texture. However, this single-grain whisky is limited. This is because in 1988, the Edinburgh’s Caledonian distillery was closed and the whisky distilled is getting very little. The only available whisky is those that were left in the distilled of Caledonian the past 4 decades.

·         Haig Club

This is ideal for mixing and cocktails because it is creamy, smooth and only causes little heat. This is actually perfect for those who are seeking for a light and fresh-tasting whisky. Its taste is close to Scotch making this new whisky popular. Haig club is distilled at Scotland’s oldest grain distillery, Cameronbridge. It has David Beckham as its model making marketing easier.

·         Hedonism Quindecimus

Hedonism Quindecimus is created to mark Compass Box’s 15th year of blending and maturing whisky in the customized casks made from American and French oak. Compass Box is not a distillery. The whiskies they blend and mature is not that huge in volume. This Hedonism Quindecimus is a blend of the defunct distilleries of Scotland. After such, it is aged in different casks. Amazing result is a mixture of oaky taste, fruity, and complex whisky.

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What’s in for the Scotch Industry in 2016?

selection of the Scotch whisky brands to watch in 2016

Scotch exports struggled for the last 3 years, so the recent claim of Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) that they will be a return to growth is a very welcoming news for the industry.

For the first half of 2015, exports decreased 3% in value compared to the 11% drop in the same period last year. The volume of Scotch production also fell 3% as opposed to 6% in 2014. Premium blends and single malts, on the other hand, did great as they have increased in value by 5%.

The SWA chief executive David Frost said, “We’re starting to see some strong signals for growth and we continue to believe the long-term prospects for Scotch whisky remain good.”

Innovation is Key

In order to maintain growth, innovation and premiumization are major driving forces. Beam Suntory, a Scotch producer of fine spirits, produces other international whiskies. Gareth Brown, their senior director, said, “YTD, we are seeing global volumes up over 15% year on year, which is significantly ahead of the category and a great platform from which to grow.”

According to recent data, peated malt is growing twice as fast as the single malt. Among the factors that drive the trend is a consumer’s inclination to try something new, says Brown.

Chivas Brothers’ single malts global brand director, Nikki Burgees, predicts a bright future for the sector stating that France, Germany, and US are the key markets.

“We envisage the growing trend of whisky fans demanding new and innovative styles of single malt will really come to the fore, with distillers crafting even more adventurous whiskies to enjoy,” Nikki said.

As Scotch producers looking to increase production and celebrate their sales, here are some of the brands that you should keep an eye on next year.

selection of the Scotch whisky brands to watch in 2016

selection of the Scotch whisky brands to watch in 2016. Photo(c):

House of Hazelwood

William Grant & Son’s House of Hazelwood was unveiled during this year’s TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes. The global planning and innovation director of William Grant, Damien Heary, said that its introduction is an exciting chapter in the category. What once was a travel retail exclusive, the House of Hazelwood will be released in the domestic market in 2016.

Label 5

According to a data from the Brand Champions 5, La Martiniquaise-owned blended Scotch brand Label 5 is the 9th best selling whisky around the world. However, the new “Whisky Confidential” multi-channel global marketing campaign and significant production expansion is set to ramp up their rankings.


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