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Celebrating World Whisky Day with Cocktails

whisky cocktail

The 21st of May is the World Whisky Day and to help you celebrate it, lain Meldrum introduces re-mixed cocktails using the national tipple of Scotland.

This coming Saturday, World Whisky Day parties are happening worldwide to celebrate what they call as “water of life” — the whisky. So you might as well look for the nearest celebration in your area or mark the day by raising a dram or creating cocktails using these recipes.

whisky cocktail

Whisky cocktails. Photo:

Old Blackened

The Old Blackened cocktail has the DNA of the classic Old Fashioned with the rich smoke and dark chocolate tastes of Bowmore 12 Year Old Single Malt, complemented by walnut and oak-aged cider flavors. The drink is the given a flourish of pink grapefruit zest.

The ingredients for this mix are 60 ml of the Bowmore 12 Year Old, 12.5 ml homemade vintage cider syrup, and 3 dashes of Fee Brothers’ Black Walnut Bitters. Stir these ingredients over ice cubes until you achieve the desired dilution. Strain the mixture to a tumbler with fresh ice. Crack only a strip of the pink grapefruit zest to the drink so that it will release the oils and place it in the glass.

Whisky Business

Pour 40 ml of Auchentoshan American Oak, 20 ml of Giffard Pamplemousse, 25 ml of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, 12.5 ml of lavender sugar syrup, and 12.5 ml fresh egg white into a shaker and vigorously shake it without ice to create a foamy mixture. Add cubed ice and shake again. Double-strain the mixture immediately into a chilled coupette and sprinkle some dried and edible lavender flowers.

New Y-Orkney

This cocktail is beloved by many Manhattan traditionalists as it has the characteristics of a dry, spicy American rye whiskey with subtle smoke and briny sea air texture.

Stir 50 ml Highland Park 12 Year Old, 12.5 ml Bitter Truth E**x**r, 12.5 ml Gabriel Boudier Guignolet de Dijon, 3 dashes Boker’s Bitters, and Simple Syrup over ice until you achieve the desired solution. Garnish your cocktail with orange zest and cherry as you wish.

Winner By A Nose

Get the leaves from two mint sprigs. Lightly scrunch these leaves and place into the cup or glass. Add in the sugar syrup, 50 ml Auchentoshan Three Wood and a spritz of the Fee Brothers’ Peach Bitters and muddle gently to release the oils from the mint, but be careful that you don’t break the leaves up. Generously add crushed ice and churn the drink using a barspoon to dilute. Add more ice, spirgs of mint and spray of bitters over the drink mixture.

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The Whisky Festival on the Island of Jura

Jura Whisky

The popular pop-up restaurant Jimmy’s in London is part of the attraction of the renowned whisky festival at the island of Jura this year. Whisky legend Richard Paterson and street artists Recoat from Glasgow will also be featured in the event this coming May 25 and 26.

Tastival is the contribution of Jura to the Feis Ile Festival that attracts many whisky aficionados from around the world to open days every year at the many distilleries in the neighboring Islay.

Over the course of the two-day festival, visitors will be exploring the only distillery of the island while having to experience the various ways to enjoy whisky through live entertainment, a series of exclusive tours, and tastings.

The organizers of the festival believe that the event has something for everyone. Whisky fans will have to be quick in buying tickets as 95 percent of the tickets sold last year have been bought in just 24 hours.

Jura Whisky

Jura Festival. Image:

The ticketed sessions this year include Dine the Different Sides of Jura, where the popular Jimmy’s Pop-Up will be coming up with a special menu for the event that will reflect the sweet and smoky sides of the island’s whisky. Jimmy has been seen on the TV show “This Morning” as a resident chef and he specializes in creating a unique pop-up dining experiences. Meanwhile, Fyne Ales, a Scottish craft beer, will be joining by pairing their beers with whisky.

Willie Cochrane and Graham Logan, both Jura managers, will be hosting a special event in the Masters Tour. This event will give a rare opportunity to experience the Jura still house through the eyes of those who make the whisky.

In Conversation will be featuring an exclusive Jura tasting, as well as question and answer sessions with Richard Paterson, the whisky master blender. Meanwhile, Whisky on the Waves will let visitors cruise on the open sea as they savor the Jura Turas-Mara.

Aside from that, the Cooperage will also be accessible where Recoat will be bringing in to life the different sides of Jura on a large-scale mural in the Dramming Bar. Jamie Johnson is set to paint the sweet side; while Will Barras will paint the smoky side. These artists were especially picked because their styles reflect these two elements. If you must know, Recoat previously worked on projects that transformed the Rotunda Building in Glasgow and for brands such as Converse and Vodafone.

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Celebrating National Beer Day in Oregon

National Beer Day

In April 7th of 1933, former president Roosevelt legalized beer; hence, National Beer Day is celebrated on this day. He signed a bill that would allow people to produce and sell beer again, which was the first step that ended prohibition.

National Beer Day

Cheers To National Beer Day! Picture from

Find out how your favorite bars in Oregon celebrate this very special day!

Brew Hog Blowout

From 4-10 PM, North 45 Pub, located at 517 N.W. 21 Avenue will be hosting a Brew Hog Blowout in celebration of the National Beer Day. There will be 21 brewers filling the patio to end the Brew Hog series and their last chance for the delectable smoked ribs.

Dam Flat Tail’s Dam Wild Invasion

Saraveza, located at 1004 N. Killingsworth Street, is hosting a Dam Flat Tail’s Dam Wild Dam Invasion where they will have 3 beers from their seasonal series served side by side. Nominate your favorite dam; the one that garners the most votes would win a prize from the Dam gift shop. The Dam Wild series makes use of the sour blonde that is fermented with a proprietary yeast strain which is mixed with various ingredients. On Thursday’s tap are Peaches and Cream, Pink Lemonade, Marion Berries and Pink Peppercorns.

Beer Dinner at Altabira City Tavern with Culmination

Altabira and Culmination will be celebrating the National Beer Day serving a cuisine cooked by Altabira chef Luis Escorcia, paired with a Culmination beer. The beers that will be featured are the Euphoric Brett IPA and the Choco Mountain Stout. Altabira City Tavern is located at 1021 N.E. Grand Avenue. They will be open from 3:30 PM until closing.

Block 15 Tap Takeover at Orenco Taphouse

Orenco Taphouse, located at 1198 N.E. Orenco Station Parkway, Hillsboro, will be featuring Block 15 of Corvallis at their taps. Beers that will be slated include Alpha IPA (a Northwest-style IPA); Block 15’s seasonal lineup; Gloria; Demon’s Farm; Sticky Hands; and Incredible.

2016 Nano Beer Fest

The Nano Beer Fest or the World’s Largest Nano Beer Fest will feature over 30 brewers this weekend. It will be held at John’s Marketplace, located at 3535 S.W. Multnomah Boulevard, for only $20 per ticket. Aside from meet-the-brewer opportunities and tastings, they will be giving away rare bottles of beer, memorabilia, and hourly prizes. The raffles will benefit the Oregon Humane Society, which will feature adoptable dogs on Saturday, from noon to 3 in the afternoon. There will be a preview party on April 8th, from 5 to 10 in the evening, at The Commons, with 6 participating nano-breweries.

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Whisky Galore Set to be Staged at Markinch Town Hall

Whisky Galore Logo

Markinch Amateur Operatic Society is preparing to stage its new production, Whisky Galore, at Markinch Town Hall. They will be performing “Whisky Galore – A Musical!” from Tuesday to Saturday next week. A Fifer who assisted in adapting the tale for the stage helped them to prepare for the said event.

Ian Hammond Brown, from Dunfermline, has joined the Markinch Amateur Operatic Society (MAOS) as the director for this latest production. Along with Shona McKee McNeil, they adapted the popular tale of Compton Mackenzie from the novel to a musical.

Ian said, “I was working with SusanLoftus from Cutting Edge Theatre Company in Edinburgh and she had gone to London and managed to set up a chat with Cameron MacIntosh about producing musicals in Scotland. He suggested picking up on Compton Mackenzie’s work.”

“I met up with Susan in Borders Bookshop and at that time we were trying to decide which of Mackenzie’s work to do. We saw Whisky Galore on the shelf and decided that was the one. It was one of my favourite films when I was young. We read the book and approached the relevant people to get the rights to adapt it,” he added.

The production was showcased first at Edinburgh Fringe in 2006 and has been developed from there.

“It was very successful there so I took it on from there and continued to develop it,” Ian said. “Pitlochy Festival Theatre was looking at Mackenzie’s work so I went up there and pitched it and was commissioned to rewrite for the 2009 season. After that I decided to release it for amateur productions.”

Whisky Galore Logo

Markinch, Fife, Scotland, who produce a musical show in March of each year. By

“Whisky Galore – A Musical!” is set during the time when the curse of rationing visited Hebridean islands of Little Todday and Great Toddy, which was in 1943. The thirsty islanders ran out of uisge beatha (the water of life) when a cargo ship came aground with 50,000 cases of whisky.

Currently, Ian is working on a new piece called the “Carnegie” — a musical based on the life of Andrew Carnegie which is set to be staged at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer.

When he was asked about the Markinch production, he further added that, “It’s falling into place. It’s been a lot for the company to learn, as many weren’t that familiar with the musical. I think it will be an amazing night out.”

“Whisky Galore – A Musical!” will be staged from March 22 to March 26 at the Markinch Town Hall.

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Celebrities and Their Love for Whisky

Gabrielle Union Picture

A Day with Gabrielle Union

February 22, 2016 is held as National Margarita Day. Yeah, it’s a great event to get the week started. Actress Gabrielle Union will have her self celebrating in the launching of the Lime-A-Rita Fiesta Ready campaign. The campaign aims to revive “the margarita moment”. It is the fun and colorful social mood that happens when drinking the classic margarita. Lime-A-Rita will be officially launched with a pop-up fiesta at the Grand Central Terminal in NYC with Gabrielle Union.

Gabrielle Union Picture

Gabrielle Union. By

Furthermore, there are great things to enjoy like the robust Lime-A-Rita portfolio samples. Also, consumers are able to get a chance to immerse at Lime-A-Rita atmosphere with experiential activations, series of social media activities and a ball pit for adults.

Drake and Other Celebs on Spirits

Popular Rapper Drake on the other hand had announced via Instagram a whisky project that he is involved – the Virginia Black. In his Instagram is an image of stylish logo popped up with the caption “After that legendary moment what else is there to do but celebrate with class. Virginia Black coming soon…”

Before the rapper Drake got involved into venturing into spirits, Puff Daddy also got affiliated with CÎROC Vodka and owns DeLeón Tequila. While Jay-Z owns Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Champagne, Ludacris also had his Cognac brand Conjure launched in 2009. And last year was Snoop Dogg had Cucca Fresca (a premium Brazilian cachaca) endorsed.

Whisky Events…

Talking about whisky, on February 24 there will be Whisky Live. It is an annual tasting event in NYC at Chelsea Piers (Pier 60). The event is a part of a worldwide tour.

The said event presents 300 of the best whiskies in the world for the guest to indulged and enjoy on. The presentation would be along with stories to be told by master distillers, brand ambassadors and industry experts.

Also various brands will be featured like Beam, Heaven Hill, Ardbeg and Yamazaki. Boutique spirit brands like Balcones, High West, and Tuthilltown Spirits of New York will also be featured.

More to enjoy would be the hand mixing up signature cocktails of New York’s top whisky bars bartenders. On the event would be coming the master distillers and global brand ambassadors. Guests will be able to get a chance to unlimited free taste, great dinner buffet and entertainment and souvenirs to keep from the said terrific whiskey event of the year.

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Irish Whisky: A Main Feature at Harrow Whisky Festival

Harrow Whisky Festival

A large numbers of whisky enthusiasts attended and enjoyed the INAUGURAL Harrow Whisky Festival held at Grim’s Dyke Hotel in Harrow Weald last weekend. In the said event, over 40 distillers around the world presented each of their best whiskies.

The main feature of the festival was the tasting sessions, as dedicated Ireland Whiskey table presented the likes of Coley, Bushmills, Jameson, Connemara, Paddy and Inish Turk Beg. Such presentation of distiller’s banquet was held Friday evening and a whisky breakfast/brunch was also held on Saturday morning. The dedicated Ireland table with variety of Ireland whiskeys truly became a special attraction in the event.

Harrow Whisky Festival

Experts and enthusiasts. Photo – Malcolm McNally

The festival started with a night of music and entertainment. Since Grim’s Dyke Hotel is the former home of Sir William Gilbert (Gilbert & Sullivan) Irish and other music was also staged on that agenda. Part of the live music and entertainment were the presentations of Gerry Molumby from Triskellion Irish Theatre and Concert Productions and singer and multi-instrumentalist and Irish Post columnist Joe Giltrap.

A limited edition 15 Year Old Single Malt was one of the stars of the weekend; which was made by the Teeling Whiskey Company. The Teeling Whiskey Company was also the maker of ‘The Revival’ which produced it to mark the opening of its new distillery, the first in Dublin for over 125 years.

The stunning setting for the festival has been made possible through the best efforts of Grim’s Dyke Hotel as it also has a well-stocked whisky bar, which significantly boosted whenever whisky tasting or festival event is coming up. For people looking for their retail needs, there are ‘Hard to Find Whiskey’ company present in occasion like this to help them satisfy those needs and of course dedicated  Irish whisky table that they really need to experience.

Harrow Whisky Festival talks about quality whisky and other things like various insights from whiskey specialists, explorers, and bloggers as well as magazine writers. There are also generalized talks in the Drawing Room of Grim’s Dyke Hotel which will give everyone an idea of touring the scenic area of the place, new distilleries and the wildlife.

Of course, whisky festival celebration can never be more fascinating without mentioning the iconic kilt! Some of the speakers be wearing Highland dress, and  if you’re going to stay overnight and want to try a kilt, the hotel  have various sizes available for their guests– even if it’s just long enough for picture taking.

The Directors of Grim’s Dyke Hotel, Mary McGowan and Robin Cooke as well as the organizers of the Harrow Whisky Festival were truly delighted with the positive outcome of the event and said they are already have plans for next year event.

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EFFEN Vodka Introduces their Limited Edition Bottle

effen vodka

EFFEN Vodka and its partner, 50 cent, have just recently introduced their new limited edition bottle of the premium liquor. As it arrived right in time for Super Bowl 50, the elegant bottle is in a football sleeve textured case. It is stamped with Fifty’s signature and logo as well.

effen vodka

Just in time for game day! Image by

During the press release, 50 Cent said, “EFFEN is the perfect example of LIQUID LUXURY, and it’s taking over. This limited edition football bottle will raise the game for your football party.”

Last year, EFFEN Vodka partnered with 50 Cent, whose business and marketing strategies, influential networks, passion, and high energy levels helped out the brand. Their partnership had already succeeded in introducing EFFEN to legal age fans. The brand was marketed through sponsorships, social media and retail programming, as well as in 50 Cent’s performances, music videos, and network.

According to the Senior Brand Director of Vodka at Beam Suntory, Jason Dolenga, the partnership is just a preview of what’s in store for the people. “50 Cent is one of the hardest-working businessmen out there and has played an integral role in the triple-digit growth of EFFEN Vodka this past year. We’re excited to launch this limited edition football bottle to give our fans a taste of the exciting things to come from EFFEN and 50 Cent in the future.”

The limited edition bottle of EFFEN Vodka is available at selected retailers nationwide this month with an SRP of $35.99 per 750 ml bottle. It is made up of 100% premium wheat through a continuous process of distillation. True to its name, EFFEN Vodka gives out a crisp and smooth feel, creating a clean taste on the mouth. Its stylish rubber sleeve just shows how committed EFFEN is in providing premium vodkas with their modern design.

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David Beckham Promotes Haig Club Scotch Whiskey

Haig Club Whiskey

After retiring from football, he becomes an entrepreneur. David Beckham promoted one of his latest business ventures, the Haig Club Scotch Whiskey, as distillers hosted a dinner party in Shanghai, China last Thursday evening.

The 40-year-old famous star that sported a simple, yet elegant tuxedo went to the upscale party where guests — including big Chinese stars Karen Mok and Chang Chen — are enjoying the sumptuous alcoholic drink.

The Look of David Beckham

The former star of Manchester United looked beyond save as he posed for pictures at the exclusive event in a black suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a black tie. David Beckham looked polished as he completed his look with black brogues, and donned a white pocket square for added finesse. Wearing designer clothes, he scoped his hair up in a retro-style quaff which was put into place using a wet-look gel.

Looking all cool and confident, he promoted his venture without his beautiful wife, Victoria, or any of their children, who stayed home in the UK.

A Family Man, Beckham

On Tuesday, Victoria Beckham, popular in both music and fashion industry, praised their 4-year-old daughter, Harper, on social media after receiving a merit at school. “Excellent reading Harper!!X Good Day at school! #proudmummy X,” she said in the adorable photo which showed Harper’s hand having a fun red sticker.

Diageo and Haig Club

David was joined by his manager and close friend Simon Fuller.

Haig Club Whiskey

Two’s company! David was joined by manager Simon Fuller – who teamed up with consumer goods company Diageo and David to launch the alcoholic beverage – at the bash. Image(c): Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

In April 2014, it was announced that Diageo, Beckham, and Fuller teamed up to create and launch Haig Club, a single grain with no-age-statement Scotch whisky. The product is said to be produced from liquid that they’ve sourced from Cameronbridge distillery. The whisky consists of a wide variety of aged whisky from three different casks: first-fill, rejuvenated, and refill Bourbon barrels.

It hasn’t been smooth-sailing for this product, however. Early 2015, the drink’s TV ads, directed by Guy Ritchie, was scrutinized for encouraging underage drinking. People behind Alcohol Concern argued that Beckham appealed to many youngsters, which encourages them to drink alcohol.

Beckham’s camp pointed out that the star has been involved in many campaigns for Kids such as the Sainsbury’s Active Kids campaign that aims to encourage participation in sports. Consequently, the complainants argued that Beckham’s association with drinks brand sent a wring message to the young generation.

But, the big men from the advertising industry rejected the complaint after they came to a consensus that Beckham could no longer be viewed as a role model for the children.

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The Victoria Whisky Festival: What’s in Store for You?

Victoria Whisky Festival

The taste of the present and the past comes to town as the annual Victoria Whisky Festival will be held from January 14 (Thursday) to January 16 (Saturday).

In its 11th annual celebration, the festival aims to attract whisky enthusiasts worldwide. Aside from the tasting of newly released drams and classic favorites, attendees have the chance to learn about the distiller’s process and what makes a huge difference among the types of whiskies.

According to Dave McMillan, this educational aspect is the key feature of the festival. The 19-year old veteran police of Oak Bay had just retired last year and made one of his post-retirement vacations a working holiday for those who are at the Springbank Whiskey Academy. Here, he joined whisky aficionados from Denmark, France, Italy and other countries to work and learn more about distillery.

Dave McMillan has been involved with the festival for 8 years already. He has appreciations for the amber nectar which began after he received a whisky as a gift. He started to learn more, and that led him to the Victoria Whisky Festival.

“I got more involved, and started tasting more and learning more about it. I also enjoy learning and getting educated,” McMillan said, noting that he has appreciation for the Scottish culture. “Each distillery has its own story and its own kind of whisky.”

Today’s festival features 8 consumer tastings, Canadian Whisky Awards dinner, and 36 master classes. The festival is held at the Hotel Grand Pacific, which will end with the Grand Tasting on Thursday evening. Proceeds from the festival will be given to charitable organizations.

Victoria Whisky Festival

Victoria Whisky Festival held each January. Photo(c):

“It’s not about the drinking, it’s about the flavours. My motto is you don’t drink whisky, you taste it,” he added, advising festival goers to taste the whisky rather than drink it.

According to Lawrence Graham, the president of the Victoria Whisky Festival, with a lot of new whiskies, people are interested at learning more about them.

“Rather than buying their same favourite whiskies, they are becoming more adventurous, armed with a knowledge of the process and the results that creates. People are more and more curious about whiskies from Canada, the United States, Japan, India, as well as from Scotland,” he said.

The festival this year will be showcasing over 250 whiskies that were made in 50 distilleries from Canada, England, France, India, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, Taiwan, and the United States.

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Grannies Try Fireball Whiskey

fireball whiskey

There’s a new buzz in the world of liquor today: FIREBALL WHISKEY! This cinnamon-flavored whiskey has been a “thing” by 2010; thanks to the clever marketing strategies involving Twitter, Nashville bartenders, and a lot of free shots at various colleges throughout he US!

Although the youth of America made Fireball the “official shot” for getting yourself black out drunk and sending messages that you’ll regret, it isn’t actually loved by most of the younger generations. As a matter of fact, Minnesota Vikings’ Kevin McDermott tweeted about how his 100-year old grandmother loves to party with this spicy booze!

So why not let the women who are in their golden years drink a sample of this amber elixir? This is exactly what Obsev, an online magazine, did for the 4 lucky grannies! Their responses are surely as magical as shooting fireballs from your palms.

Although they were all well-versed in the world of liquor, none of them have ever drank the Fireball cinnamon whiskey in their entire life. At first, they seemed a little bit timid and unsure of what to expect. Each of them had a unique reaction to the drink, and they were a bit surprised from the heat the fiery drink gave their throat after sipping it.

fireball whiskey

Grandmas try fireball whiskey for the first time. Photo by

“Tastes like heaven, burns like hell! ‘What happens next is up to you.’ I like cinnamon, but I don’t know about the ‘burn like hell’ part”, says one of the women who  read the label of the bottle.

“Very fiery. That’ll warm your belly, for sure! It actually tastes very nice,” says another woman.

Although some of the reactions of the women were a bit more extreme compared to others, all of them actually represent the reaction that most of us had after our first try with this drink.

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