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20 Whisky Things Whisky Lovers Love

Shopping for a whisky lover is does not compare in any way, shape or form, to shopping for a booze lover. Whisky is specific, so your gift should be purposeful; but don’t worry- we’ll guide you toward the most delighted smile of gratitude a gift has ever provoked.

Whisky is a sophisticated beverage with a bold and distinctive presence. Its seduction is absolute, making avid connoisseurs out of fledgeling curiosity and securing from its fans lifelong loyalty. You see, whisky is an emblem of good taste and drinkers aren’t just drinking whiskey- they’re drinking damn good whiskey.

Whisky good enough to validate the hundreds (and yes, sometimes thousands) of dollars spent on one single bottle demands excellence of everything that comes into contact with each of its golden drops. This includes containers and chilling agents such as ice or stones as well as anything that will transform subtle hints of flavor into tantalizing bursts of palatable pleasure.

Other than a fine bottle of the stuff itself, gift your whiskey lover with something that will upgrade a glass to its full potential. Here’s what a whisky drinker needs (and covets):

1. The Ingenious Whisky Wedge

Whisky Wedge

Whisky Wedge. Image:

Whiskey on the Rocks” is quite a satisfying phrase to say, however the gusto lasts exactly as long as the integrity of the ice cubes. Watery whisky is second only to warm whiskey and both are quite tragic.

The beauty of the Whisky Wedge lies in its simplicity. The efficiency and execution of this bold little edge of ice coveys an excellence worthy of a fine single malt.

Utilizing its surface area to effectively chill without diluting, the Whisky Wedge is the most functional slab of ice ever submerged in booze. Its ingenious design utilizes the space within the tumbler in such a way that minimizes the infusion of water, allowing each sip to remain full-flavored and perfectly tempered.

The cost of one Whiskey Wedge unit complete with old-fashioned tumbler and silicone ice mold is $25. The value of a perfect glass of whiskey however, is priceless. Watch ’em sip!

Where to buy: Amazon Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge Whiskey Glass with Silicone Ice Form

2. The Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass

Glencairn Whisky Glass. Image:

The whisky drinker is unassuming in style, allowing his taste to speak of him rather than for him; his genuity lies in the details.

While the most telling detail of a true whisky connoisseur is his recognition of a quality bottle, the glass in which he serves it is equally important.

Sure, an old-fashioned tumbler does the job well, but a true whisky fanatic (and we’re talking Scotch aficionados) will only pour his elixir into the Glencairn, recognized worldwide as the official whisky glass.

Designed to optimize every sensory component of true Scotch whisky, the Glencairn is the choice of purists- the boldest of whisky drinkers. These are the people that take their coffee black, and their whisky neat.

Who said buying for a simple man was complicated?

Where to buy: Amazon Glencairn Whisky Glass: Set of 4 in Deluxe Velvet Gift Box

3. The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Smart Bottle

Whisky Smart Bottle

Whisky Smart Bottle. Image:

Know a whisky drinker who’s latest glass played the protagonist on all his social media platforms? Good– now you know exactly what to wrap in his gift box.

The Smart Bottle by Thinfilm, while slightly “over the top” for traditional whisky-drinking types is perfect for his millennial counterpart. Created to encourage informative interaction, this bottle will not only store whisky, but also provide brand communication and recipe suggestions.

Tweet that!

Where to buy: Hmmm… Tell us if you find.

4. Bottoms Up!… Wait

Whisky Space Glass

Whisky Space Glass. Image:

The rhetorical question, “what do you give to a whiskey-drinking astronaut?”, has finally been answered thanks to Ballantine’s very specific quest to enhance the whisky-drinking experience in outer space.

The answer is… an earthly sipping experience.

Ballantine’s Space Glass was designed specifically for your friend the whisky-drinking astronaut and engineered to enable sips in zero gravity.


Believe it or not, homesickness transcends time and space. A Space Glass literally provides both the taste and comfort of home.

Where to buy: Hmmm… Tell us if you find.

5. Whisky Decanter

Whisky Decanter

Whisky Decanter. Image:

When it comes to buying for a whisky drinker, there are two never-fail options: The obvious one is a fine bottle of the stuff itself- the second depends on where your friend keeps his whisky.

The artful whisky drinker likes to display his craft and there is no better way to do so than through an assortment of beautifully sculpted crystal decanters. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a collector and your gift-giving ventures just got effortless.

And why you need that thing called Decanter? Watch this video:

As long as you keep an eye out for quality (crystal is almost always a no-brainer), a whisky decanter will always be a never-fail gift option.

Where to buy: Amazon Old-Fashioned Whiskey Bottle Handmade Crystal Decanter

6. Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones

Whisky Stones. Image:

Now whisky stones are an issue of debate among whisky aficionados. But what we’re concerned about here is whether or not they would make a useful gift to a whisky fan. To this I say, it all depends on the fan and the level of fandom.

Those who like whisky and want to portray this love as often as possible usually keep whisky stones around just for the sake of sticking with the theme. This works much the same way as those Yankee coasters you’ve managed to keep in the back cabinet for seven years.

Ultimatum on whisky stones: a whisky enthusiast will like them more for their relation to whiskey than their function in keeping their whisky cool. First find out if they like it on the rocks.

Where to buy: Amazon Tuscani 8 Stainless Steel Reusable Ice Cubes with Tongs

7. A Good Ol’ Ice Bucket

Whisky Ice Bucket

Whisky Ice Bucket. Image:

The ice bucket gift is for the type of whisky-drinker that enjoys his glass as he rotates sausages on his grill or floats down the river with a fishing rod and a handful of roasted peanuts in his pocket. This man is not going to analyze the body and aroma of his whisky. He’s not going to swirl it in the sunlight while admiring subtle changes in tone- he’s going to chunk some ice in a tumbler, splash some whisky on top, and enjoy a brief-lived chug that gives him a simple sort of satisfaction.

Where to buy: Amazon Newness Stylish Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Ice Tongs with Lid and Portable Handle

8. The Whisky Flask

Whisky Flask

Whisky Flask. Image:

A whisky flask is a great gift because we know everyone secretly wants one. Whisky-drinker or not, the appeal of the whiskey flask is universal. That being said, a whiskey aficionado has a special reason to appreciate the gift of a whisky flask- portable whisky, accessible anywhere, anytime.

To make a whisky flask a more personal gift, have it engraved or give it alongside a fine Scotch whisky. One thing is for sure though- you cannot possibly go wrong with this gift.

Where to buy: Amazon 8oz Shot Flask with Bonus Funnel and Money clip. Gift box included.

9. Whiskey Coasters

Whisky Coasters

Whisky Coasters. Image:

Why whiskey coasters? Because you’ve already used the whiskey love to inspire every gift you’ve ever given this person and that hand-crafted whiskey barrel table from last Christmas was expensive.

Plus these leather wrapped coasters are accentuate the man cave perfectly.

Coasters, like tumblers or glasses, are also a very affordable gifts that can also serve as small, but thoughtful presents (and stocking-stuffers).

Where to buy: Amazon Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey Leather Coaster | Set of 4 Coasters

10. Leather Whisky Case

Leather Whisky Case

Leather Whisky Case. Image:

A whisky case is the perfect gift for the whisky-lover with the streak of wanderlust.

Walnut Studiolo makes gorgeous leather whiskey cases for those who can’t bear to travel unquenched.

This case is designed to accommodate most scotch and whiskey bottles as well as wine (see, we’re also considering the wine-lovers).

Where to buy: Amazon Walnut Studiolo Leather Whiskey Case

11. Irish Peat Incense

Irish Turf Peat Incense

Irish Turf Peat Incense. Image:

Irish Turf Peat Incense


The Irish peat or turf incense is specifically appealing to whisky lovers, that is, lovers of real Irish Scotch and preferably familiar with the smell of a traditional Irish pub.

This little chunk of incense holds within it the essence of home, emitting the genuine aroma of a peat fire, burning alongside the rhythmic clinking of whisky-filled tumblers.

Where to buy: Amazon Irish Turf/Peat Incense and 1.5 inch sq Burner Plate

12. Water Jug

Whisky Water Jug

Whisky Water Jug. Image:

A water jar is the perfect jar for the whisky drinker who takes his Jameson with a splash of water.

When it comes to the purpose of this gift however, keep in mind that you don’t want to pick any water jug- a “splash” is a very precise measurement in the whisky-drinker’s vocabulary; it means the exact amount of water it will take to bring out the flavors in a good malt without diluting the taste.

A weighted pitcher is the best bet. These specialized jars are designed to allow for precision pouring, releasing by the drop, instead of a stream.

Where to buy: Amazon Glencairn Iona Scotch Whisky Pitcher or Mini Water Jug

13. Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

Whiskey Wet Shave Soap. Image:

While a luscious beard is not an official requirement for whiskey-drinking, it sure as hell looks cool to sip single malt fully decked out in facial hair. But that all depends on the style you bring to your whiskey game.

For those that prefer to keep their face-mane tamed, there’s shaving soap. Better yet, for those that enjoy the subtle hovering of a subtle whiskey scent, there’s Portland’s Whiskey Wet Shave Soap.

Clean-shaven and armed with a fine scotch- neat, of course.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

14. The Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine

Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine

Ardbeg Haar Mist Machine. Image:

… and then there was the eccentric. The Ardbeg Haar Scotch Mist Gadget is exactly as sci-fi as it sounds.

A mist-making device meant to simulate the cool Scottish fog descending upon the coast of Islay, the Ardbeg Haar utilizes ultrasound technology to vaporize scotch for one of the most unique whisky drinking experiences available.

The recipient of this gift should by association, be just as singular.

Where to buy: Try Ardbeg

15. Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum with Whiskey

Evaflor Double Whisky Men Eau de Toilette

Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum with Whiskey . Image:

While the very idea of spritzing a whisky person with something fragrant seems irrevocably unconceivable, you have only to get a sense of this whisky-inspired scent to understand why of all things, a perfume would make a whiskey-lover’s must-have list.

Present yet subtle, this fragrance is the only thing its recipient will ever wear hence forward.

Where to buy: Amazon Korres Men’s L’eau de Parfum II with Dark Rose, Whiskey, Amber Powder (Anniversary Special Edition)

16. American Oak Barrel’s Outlaw Kit

Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel - Make Your Own Highland Malt Scotch Whisky

Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel. Image:

I’m not sure if someone could really be called a whisky aficionado if he hasn’t tried to age his own whisky yet. But of course, everyone must start somewhere, so for those just venturing into the depths of their vice, the most perfect of gifts could only be a nice hefty barrel kit.

American Oak Barrel makes an excellent natural oak barrel meant to speed up the aging process for bourbon, whisky (and whiskey, respectively), scotch, brandy, cognac, and rum.

Even more so than a fine bottle of scotch itself, this kit is quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Where to buy: Amazon Outlaw Kit From American Oak Barrel – Make Your Own Highland Malt Scotch Whisky

17. Whisky: The Definitive World Guide

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide. Image:

In case the recipient of this very thoughtful gift isn’t already an insufferable whiskey know-it-all, this excellent guide is sure to make him so.

A guide in every sense of the word, this gorgeous hardcover isn’t just coffee-table decoration. It’s a harsh world out there for the would-be whiskey literate and believe it or not, “whisky” and “whiskey” cannot be used interchangeably in serious scotch lingo.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

18. Whiskey Barrel Tea-light Holder

Whiskey Barrel Tealight Holder

Whiskey Barrel Tealight Holder. Image:

For the whiskey lover lamenting over wasted barrels, this tea-light-holder is the one valuable repurposed craft. It also doesn’t hurt to kindle the ambiance with soft candle-light while enjoying a warm glass of your favorite single malt.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Barrel Tealight holder

19. Whisky-Flavored Lip Balm

Whisky Flavour Lip Balm

Whisky Flavour Lip Balm. Image:

For hardcore whisky-lovers only. This type of gift, while deceptively subtle, is for the type of whisky-drinker that can’t bear to part with the scent of whiskey.

With the same delicacy as a soft kiss, this whisky-flavored lip balm brushes the lips ever so lightly, leaving a lingering hint of fine scotch- just enough to awaken the experience of that last glass.

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Business – Whiskey and Cola Lip Balm 3 Pack

20. Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Whisky Barrel Coffee Table

Whisky Barrel Coffee Table. Image:

This “coffee table” (we all know what liquid’s really being poured on its surface) makes a perfect home-warming gift, to be immediately escorted to the man-cave.

Handmade and custom-fitted to the specific dimensions of your room, this coffee table is the perfect piece of furniture for any whiskey-loving, interior-design conscious person on your gift list.

Just make sure to throw in those coasters!

Where to buy: Amazon Whiskey Barrel Table

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Dubliner Irish Whiskey 10YO Limited Edition Released

the dubliner

Dubliner Irish Whiskey recently released their limited edition 10-year-old single malt whiskey — made with 100% malted barley that is distilled in copper pot stills and matured in oak casks which was previously used for Kentucky Bourbon.

 “The Dubliner Irish Whiskey has had an incredible start launching at Dublin Airport last year and sales to date in Ireland, Australia, and the US have been really encouraging. We are delighted to be introducing this limited edition expression to The Dubliner range,” says Sinead O’ Frighil, the marketing manager of Irish Whiskies at Quintessential Brands. “It is well known that growth of Irish whiskies is at an exciting stage and we have high hopes for our approachable and smooth 10 year old single malt in domestic and travel retail markets internationally — it’s a beautiful whiskey.”

the dubliner

The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Image(c):

It has a 42% ABV, which you can purchase at the Dublin Airport and other specialist whisky retailers for the price of £50 per 70 cl bottle. The latest variant is said to have a sweet and slightly spicy aroma with tones of vanilla, honey and perfume. It has a smooth, warm, rich and malty flavor with a hint of chocolate and vanilla.

The Dubliner 10YO has captured the essence of Dublin as its makers are paying homage to the distilling history of Dublin which dates back to about five centuries ago. It is owned by an independent spirits producer in Ireland, the First Ireland Spirits, for more than 25 years now and is part of the Quintessential Brands Group. The Dublin Whiskey Company was bought by the Quintessential Brands Ireland in April. Distillation is said to start in Dublin next year.

“The addition of the Dublin Whiskey Company paves the way for us to create an Irish whiskey distillery and a home for our Irish whiskey brands in the famous Liberties area of Dublin which will allow us to further develop our Irish whiskey portfolio and become a leader in Irish spirits,” said Warren Scott, the CEO of the Quintessential Brands.

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Echlinville Distillery Promotes Tourism in Ireland

Irish Whiskey

The Echlinville Distillery, a family-owned business located on a 100-acre site in County Down, was licensed to distill whisky in May 2013. And it can be noted that they’ve previously expected their whisky to come of age this year, 2016.

Aside from their single pot still and single malt whiskeys, Echlinville planned to launch their premium Irish potato vodka and single estate gin. Their facilities boasts of a multi-million euro still house, maturation hall, function room, and bottling and storage areas; all of which are located in the Echlinville Estate.

Echlinville Distillery holds tours for the public, which the Irish Whiskey Association (IWA) claims that it will promote the tourism and local economy of County Down. According to them, the opening of the distillery would imply that the Irish whiskey industry has been increasingly growing and it considers “the development of an all-island approach” to tourism.

Irish Whiskey

Echlinville Distillery – Irish Whiskey. By

“With a wealth of new entrants in the Irish whiskey sector, we will continue to see a significant number of new tourism offerings opening over the coming years, like the Echlinville Distillery tours being launched today. This will bring jobs and investment to communities in both Northern Island and the Republic of Ireland,” says the head of IWA, Miriam Mooney.

“The island of Ireland has the opportunity to bring together the industry and government agencies such as Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, and the Northern Ireland Tourism Board to put together a coordinated strategy for an all-island approach to Irish whiskey tourism. The employment potential is significant as guided tours and restaurants are labour intensive operations. In Scotland it is estimated that there is a five to one ration of export value to direct tourism,” she added.

Among the fastest growing categories of liquor, Irish whiskey has added 32 new or proposed distilleries in Ireland; thereby creating opportunities that would improve the tourism of the country.

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Three Popular Varieties of Whiskey


Were you ever curious about the difference of those dark hard liquors? If you thought they’re the same, then you might want to think again. Whiskeys come in different varieties; thus, it would helpful that we should know the difference between their three main types: bourbon, rye, and scotch.

Whiskey or whisky? Does it matter? No because they’re the same. However you spell it, whiskey is a distilled alcoholic drink that has been made from a fermented grain mash. It is aged in charred white oak casks, which gave it its brown color.

Whiskey is a broad category of hard drinks that generally differs in taste, smell and color. So, let’s differentiate its three main types.


Different whiskies.Image by TinyPic


The name “bourbon” came from a place in Kentucky known as the “Old Bourbon”. Bourbon is a whiskey that has been distilled from corn. For a drink to be classified as bourbon, it must have at least 51 percent corn. Aside from that, it should be stored in charred oak containers with no additives.


As we all know, rye is a type of grass in the wheat family and it is closely related to barley. Rye whiskey is further classified into American whiskey, which is distilled from at least 51% rye and matured for two years or more; and Canadian whiskey, which may or may not actually contain rye during its production process. Complete in body and spice, rye whiskey — which is the closest cousin of bourbon since there was an increase in corn production in the US after Prohibition occurred – has been gaining popularity on the cocktail menus of many restaurants throughout the country in the last ten years.


Scotch is a whisky (which is technically spelled without an “e”) that should be produced in Scotland. This drink is made up mostly of malted barley and is matured in oak barrels for approximately three years or even more. The number after the name of a bottle of Scotch whisky will typically tell how long the drink was aged. In terms of tastes, some Scotch taste a lot similar to bourbon. It has a signature smokiness that would linger at the end of a tasting. Because of that, some people would generally avoid it; meanwhile, others like the drinking experience.

Washington D.C.’s The Pig has over 70 choices of whiskeys on their menu that showcases the different shades and flavors of the many varieties whiskeys. While some are perfect for drinking on the rocks, others are ideally mixed into another drink.

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Pogues Irish Whiskey – Now in US Market

The Pogues Bottle

BOSTON – The US market is now offering the known Irish whiskey from The Pogues. This Irish whiskey kicked off in the 1980’s by one of the only two independently owned and operated distilleries in Ireland – the West Cork Distillers. The Pogues is made with exceptional full body with smooth-finishing blends giving the best sample of brown spirits over the years.

It would be great to note that West Cork is Ireland’s only whiskey producer to still malt its own barley, which enables exceptional precision and control over flavor profile.

With that great brown spirits samples for many years, the band which is famous for Fairytale in New York and other hits had been significantly involved in the making of The Pogues Irish Whisky from. With richness of the band’s great spirit and character as well as its poetic rebelliousness, The Pogues Irish Whiskey is uniquely blend of fifty-percent 10-year single malt Irish whiskey which aged in sherry casks; and the half thereof is 5-7 year Irish grain whiskey aged in bourbon oak casks. Unsurprisingly, we have now the great, sweet tasting and aromatic blend of malts and cracked nuts producing and intense flavor.

The Pogues Bottle

The Pogues Bottle: Irish Whiskey. Photo(c):

Shane MacGowan said “It’s been brilliant working with the team at West Cork Distillers in creating a whiskey that we all think reflects our spirit and energy, and that we all enjoy the taste of. It’s wonderful to add a product bearing our name to the ranks of great Irish whiskeys, and we think it will stand the test of time.” MacGowan was with Pogues band members, Jem Finer, Andrew Ranken, Spider Stacy,James Fearnley, Terry Woods, and Darryl Hunt.

Justin Shaw VP of Brand & Market Strategy at MS Walker on his part said, “The Pogues Irish Whiskey represents the ideal blending of tradition and quality from our friends at West Cork, and the rich Irish heritage and culture of the band. We can’t wait for American aficionados of the band and whiskey, new and old, to enjoy their first taste.”

The Pogues Irish Whiskey is carefully crafted using handmade copper stills in small batches at West Cork’s distillery in Skiberdeen using indigenous ingredients of Ireland like locally grown grain and spring water from River Ilen.

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The Whiskey Business: Nostalgia, Drinks, and Food

whisky business

Having a name like Whiskey Business, a drink called Milli Vanilli, condiments placed in metal Ninja Turtles lunch boxes, and the song “Wannabe” in the sound system; it’s really obvious what the newest bar at Wicker Park is going for — a nice 90’s throwback! This makes us want to post throwback photos of family vacations in oversized T-shirts and click on stories like “10 Things You Never Knew About ‘FRIENDS’”.

The well of profit from nostalgic young individuals runs deep and it’s quite easy for them to drink too much. Fortunately, Whiskey Business treads slightly in this niche that nostalgia has become a conversation piece for their customers. Remove the lunch boxes and rename the drinks and you’d still have the same appeal: a spacious bar with a great selection of whiskies and a come-as-you-are feel. Pajamas? Cool. Silky dress? Cool.

whisky business

Whiskey Business brings 115 whiskeys, 14 flavors of fries to Wicker Park. Photo by

What you should look forward to

Have your drinks made with any of their 115 whiskeys, from standards like Old Overholt and Bulleit to popular selections like Lock, Stock, and Barrel 13-year. They also have single malt scotches available all the way up to 25-year Laphroaig, Irish whiskeys, bourbons, ryes, and Japanese whiskeys as well. You can also have wine, beer, and other lighter spirits as you wish. A must-try is the Ginnie Cooper (a play of “”The Wonder Years” character Winnie Cooper) that is made with a gin called the Death’s Door, Carpano Bianca vermouth, lime, and cherry. It is tart but balanced. Or, opt for a Fireball shot.

Their food menu is aggressively bar, without the salads: Andouille sausage corn dogs; jumbo boneless wings in 5 flavors; a burger that is stuffed with mac and cheese; or the option of getting a bacon in a cup. On weekends, on the other hand, there’s bloody Mary skewered with the newly opened Cheesie’s grilled cheese.

Who is Behind the Establishment?

Chris Johnston, from Chicago, is behind both spots, as well as the Cheesie’s that is located in Lakeview, an infamous place for the drunk and the hungry. The vibe in this place is far less college, though you can imagine cranking up the volume on Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys and things getting rowdy.

You can practically see TVs everywhere in this place — above the bar, lining the walls, and on the rooftop, which opens when the weather turns. Typically, the air sports shows, and not politics.

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The Irish Whiskey Aged Stout Available Only in Some States

Innis & Gunn, an award-winning independent brewer of oak-aged beers, will be releasing their cult-favorite winter seasonal in the US. The Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout has been introduced in 2012 with a 7.4% ABV. Since then, it was a US hit that quickly sold out within just weeks of making it to the liquor stores’ shelves.

How is Innis & Gunn

The Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout is a rich, complex, and very smooth whiskey that features dark chocolate and coffee flavors with a hint of honey and spice and oak/vanilla aromas. It has a velvety taste which leads to a satisfying finish of dark malts and whiskey.

“Ireland is known for its great stouts and its amazing whiskey. We’re paying tribute to both of them in our Irish Whiskey Aged beer,” said Dougal Sharp, the founder and master brewer of Innis & Gunn.

The beer is said to be matured in their Oakerator aging device on American oak that is instilled with Irish whiskey.

“We use a lightly toasted oak for this beer to match Irish whiskey casks, which are typically lightly charred. This produces more of the coconut and spice notes that you get in an Irish whiskey, and less of the caramel and vanilla notes you find in American bourbon,” according to the Sensory and Quality Manager of Innis and Gunn.

“It’s an especially unique beer for US fans of barrel-aged beer. It’s got a lot of oak and whiskey character but it doesn’t overpower the beer itself. It’s a very balanced mix of spirit and beer that’s hearty and delicious but also very quaffable,” she added.

Innis and Gunn Irish Whiskey

Innis and Gunn Irish Whiskey Oak Aged Stout at The Pint Las Vegas. Image by

The Oakerator Device

The Oakerator device of Innis and Gunn gives a modern twist on the practice of barrel-aging. Rather than aging the beer in a barrel, it incorporates the barrel to the beer itself. The beer is processed in the modern device, which is filled with blends of toasted and spirits-infused oak in order to have a better and more consistent barrel-aged flavor. Sharp had conducted two years of extensive research to create the device. It went through trials at the popular brewing school at Edinburgh, the Heriot-Waite.

The Irish Whiskey Aged Stout is currently available in four packs of 11.2 ounce bottles and 5.5 gallon kegs at $9.99 SRP. It is available only in some states in the US, including Illinois, North & South Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, and etc.

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David Beckham Promotes Haig Club Scotch Whiskey

Haig Club Whiskey

After retiring from football, he becomes an entrepreneur. David Beckham promoted one of his latest business ventures, the Haig Club Scotch Whiskey, as distillers hosted a dinner party in Shanghai, China last Thursday evening.

The 40-year-old famous star that sported a simple, yet elegant tuxedo went to the upscale party where guests — including big Chinese stars Karen Mok and Chang Chen — are enjoying the sumptuous alcoholic drink.

The Look of David Beckham

The former star of Manchester United looked beyond save as he posed for pictures at the exclusive event in a black suit paired with a crisp white shirt and a black tie. David Beckham looked polished as he completed his look with black brogues, and donned a white pocket square for added finesse. Wearing designer clothes, he scoped his hair up in a retro-style quaff which was put into place using a wet-look gel.

Looking all cool and confident, he promoted his venture without his beautiful wife, Victoria, or any of their children, who stayed home in the UK.

A Family Man, Beckham

On Tuesday, Victoria Beckham, popular in both music and fashion industry, praised their 4-year-old daughter, Harper, on social media after receiving a merit at school. “Excellent reading Harper!!X Good Day at school! #proudmummy X,” she said in the adorable photo which showed Harper’s hand having a fun red sticker.

Diageo and Haig Club

David was joined by his manager and close friend Simon Fuller.

Haig Club Whiskey

Two’s company! David was joined by manager Simon Fuller – who teamed up with consumer goods company Diageo and David to launch the alcoholic beverage – at the bash. Image(c): Imaginechina/REX/Shutterstock

In April 2014, it was announced that Diageo, Beckham, and Fuller teamed up to create and launch Haig Club, a single grain with no-age-statement Scotch whisky. The product is said to be produced from liquid that they’ve sourced from Cameronbridge distillery. The whisky consists of a wide variety of aged whisky from three different casks: first-fill, rejuvenated, and refill Bourbon barrels.

It hasn’t been smooth-sailing for this product, however. Early 2015, the drink’s TV ads, directed by Guy Ritchie, was scrutinized for encouraging underage drinking. People behind Alcohol Concern argued that Beckham appealed to many youngsters, which encourages them to drink alcohol.

Beckham’s camp pointed out that the star has been involved in many campaigns for Kids such as the Sainsbury’s Active Kids campaign that aims to encourage participation in sports. Consequently, the complainants argued that Beckham’s association with drinks brand sent a wring message to the young generation.

But, the big men from the advertising industry rejected the complaint after they came to a consensus that Beckham could no longer be viewed as a role model for the children.

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Take a Peek at the Grant Clan

Glenfiddich Distillery

During the Jacobite rebellion, the chief of the Grant Clan supported the government; however, the Grants from Glenmoriston were at the opposing end as they joined the Jacobites.

Patrick Grant joined the rebellion last 1745. When George IV went to Edinburgh in 1822, he met with the King and introduced as “His Majesty’s oldest enemy”. At age 109, he was painted in tartan trews wearing a Grant tartan plaid and Tam o’Shanter; you can see this painting in Edinburgh’s National Galleries.

William Grant

Being the great grandson of a Jacobite Soldier, William Grant and his two brothers herded cattle when he was 7 years old. They then apprenticed to a shoemaker before getting employed as a bookkeeper at a local whisky distillery for 2 decades.

On Christmas Day of 1887, the Glenfiddich Distillery started their production. The only employees were the owner himself, William Grant, and his 9 children. They were the ones who pioneered single malt whisky. Up until the Glenfiddich Distillery opened, proprietary whisky was blended.

Glenfiddich Distillery

Clan Grant is the name behind the iconic whisky and Glenfiddich Distillery. Photo credits to

James Augustus Grant

Born in Nairn in 1827, James Augustus Grant joined the Indian Army when he was 19 years old. He served during the Slkh Wars and Indian Mutiny. He got wounded while serving at the relief of Lucknow.

In 1860, he became part of John Hanning Speke’s expedition to look for the source of the Nile River. His illness, however, prevented him from becoming the first white man to ever see that the White Nile actually drains from Lake Victoria.

In 1864, they published a book called “A Walk across Africa” where he wrote about the lives of the natives in Africa. He also wrote a paper on Botany of Speke and Grant Expedition, which received a gold medal from the gold medal by the Royal Geographical Society in 1864. The following year, he married and settled at Nairn, before dying in 1892. He was buried in the crypt of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Grannies Try Fireball Whiskey

fireball whiskey

There’s a new buzz in the world of liquor today: FIREBALL WHISKEY! This cinnamon-flavored whiskey has been a “thing” by 2010; thanks to the clever marketing strategies involving Twitter, Nashville bartenders, and a lot of free shots at various colleges throughout he US!

Although the youth of America made Fireball the “official shot” for getting yourself black out drunk and sending messages that you’ll regret, it isn’t actually loved by most of the younger generations. As a matter of fact, Minnesota Vikings’ Kevin McDermott tweeted about how his 100-year old grandmother loves to party with this spicy booze!

So why not let the women who are in their golden years drink a sample of this amber elixir? This is exactly what Obsev, an online magazine, did for the 4 lucky grannies! Their responses are surely as magical as shooting fireballs from your palms.

Although they were all well-versed in the world of liquor, none of them have ever drank the Fireball cinnamon whiskey in their entire life. At first, they seemed a little bit timid and unsure of what to expect. Each of them had a unique reaction to the drink, and they were a bit surprised from the heat the fiery drink gave their throat after sipping it.

fireball whiskey

Grandmas try fireball whiskey for the first time. Photo by

“Tastes like heaven, burns like hell! ‘What happens next is up to you.’ I like cinnamon, but I don’t know about the ‘burn like hell’ part”, says one of the women who  read the label of the bottle.

“Very fiery. That’ll warm your belly, for sure! It actually tastes very nice,” says another woman.

Although some of the reactions of the women were a bit more extreme compared to others, all of them actually represent the reaction that most of us had after our first try with this drink.

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