Scotch Whisky Collection

The Best Gift You could Give to a Man?

In a world where gift-giving is part of the culture, Scotch whisky is definitely the best gift a man can get. Giving two leading whiskies that are steadily making its way to Indian market, a proof of how women celebrated its virtues as well.

Actress Chitrangada Singh told the INS during the launch of spirits major Diageo-USL’s Scotch Whisky Collection that, “Growing up, the strongest memory that I have when I think of parties, or a celebration, is my father pulling out a bottle of whisky, a Scotch whisky, for his friends.”

According to her, mostly her father would pull out a VAT 69 bottle. “He is a whisky drinker even now and he enjoys it, he savours it. He often talks about the art, the whole craft; the time it takes to make whisky… did I grow up on Scotch? Yes, I grew up on the smell of scotch… so; I think if I were to gift it, it’ll be a VAT 69 to my father who enjoys it even today, a good drink of whisky.”

Scotch Whisky Collection

Scotch Whisky Collection. Photo:

Singh explained that she would give it as a present because she hears a lot of her friends talk about how they enjoyed Scotch whisky. “I would gift it because I do hear a lot of my friends (talk about it), a lot of my male friends enjoy it and I think a lot of young people are starting to enjoy Scotch whisky which is something that was something else earlier.”

There are four brands of the Scotch Whisky Collection: the Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve, which is a luxury blend of a premium aged malt and grain whisky that is matured in oloraso sherry casks for character and depth; the Black Dog Black Reserve, which is blended with a variety of malts from different regions of Scotland; Black & White with premium Speyside and Highland whiskies that will balance body and flavor; and, VAT 69, which is chosen among blends made by popular blenders.

If a person is a drinker, Scotch whisky is a very good gift, says Singh. It won’t be set aside in the corner; you’d know that it will be enjoyed by many people.

According to Shibani Dandekar, a sports anchor, it is actually the men who are hard to buy for (and not the ladies) because you don’t know the kind of shirt or ties they need. It is a taste-specific gesture that this dilemma has resulted to giving SWC collection because it is almost guaranteed that men will love it.

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