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The Etiquette for Drinkers

Parks and Recreation’s fictional character, Ron Swanson, is a whisky drinking champion. He’s the type of man who understand the importance of a good scotch and the solitude that one can feel when drinking sweet, fiery nectar even when you’re alone.

The Drinking Etiquette

good whiskey

Nick Offerman Enjoying Fine Whiskey By The Fire. Image credits to

We can learn a lot about drinking etiquette from Nick Offerman’s 45-minute video on the finer things you enjoy with whiskey. This includes being able to sit quietly, be comfortable, and just let time pass by; all of us could learn something from that. Ron Swanson, his alter ego, also gives some great lessons on drinking which we can benefit from hearing — but in this case, reading.

  • When you are having your alone time and you’re enjoying a fine drink, like scotch, it is absolutely necessary to remove all unwanted distractions. Note that you don’t have to destroy your phone. All you need to do is to turn it off or put it on silent mode… or place it far from you, preferably out of earshot.
  • Be content with spending time alone with no one but yourself. We all need sometime alone every now and then; what is more enjoyable than having a scotch in hand in the solitude of your favorite “hiding place”.
  • Stick to your budget. When drinking liquor, stick to the brand that suits your budget so you won’t have money problems later on.
  • There are no rule books. Thus, there is no incorrect way of consuming alcohol. You can drink it from a glass, a jar, a bottle, or a can; whichever you are comfortable drinking from. Live the dream!
  • There are limitations, however. You don’t need to act all fancy, inhaling alcohol in some way. Alcohol is meant to be drunk, not smelled!
  • Thank yourself for doing something good and show yourself some love. Remember, you deserve this.
  • As soon as you have drunk a certain amount of alcohol, you might feel like you want to start dancing to the beat of any music. Go for it! Dance like nobody’s watching!
  • If you’ve reach a certain point, you might want to call it a night! Can’t seem to recognize the song playing? Wearing something that isn’t yours? It might be time for you to go bed.
  • Be aware about your alcohol consumption. Count the bottles or glasses you’ve drank.
  • Don’t waste your time on regrets!

Pour yourself a fine drink! Enjoy the solitude of your own company!

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