Irish Whiskey

The Expansion and Boom of Irish Whiskeys

According to Richard Bruton, the Jobs Minister, the increasing popularity of the Irish whiskey industry internationally can be attributed to companies that make the beverage “cool”.

The minister spoke when the maker of Jameson Whiskey, Irish Distillers, launched €17 million plan of expanding their Fox and Geese bottling plant located in Dublin, Ireland. This development plan created approximately 30 jobs which mean that the company will be able to produce more bottles of whiskeys.

The factory’s bottling capacity at the site is said to increase from 5 million 9-liter cases to approximately 7.5 million cases, or about 120 million bottles, of James every year by 2017; thereby doubling the exports made by the company for the next 5 years.

Jameson is owned by Pernod Richard, a producer from France. Jameson’s sales have grown annually for 25 years and development of a new bottling plant came from a €200 million investment on its facilities located at Midleton Distillery, as well as its maturation plant located in Dungourney.

According to Mr. Bruton, Jameson’s success had made the Irish whiskey among the serious players in the industry. He also said that this happened because of how the drink was marketed to other countries.

Teeling Whiskey

Along with Jameson is the newly opened distillery Teeling Whiskey in Dublin that created 30 jobs. This €10 million distillery is actually the first new distillery that has opened in Dublin for over a century already. Aside from being a fully functional distillery, it also features a visitor center that has a bar, a café, a gift shop, and a function room for private events.

Irish Whiskey

The Boom of Irish Whiskey

According to a campaign that is being run by the Irish drinks and hospitality industry called “Support Your Local, these (Jameson’s expansion and the newly opened Teeling Whiskey) are clear signs of how the Irish whiskeys are taking a “firm hold” of the market.

Bart Storan, the campaign manager of Support Your Local, said “The Irish whiskey industry is experiencing an amazing period of growth at the moment, with annual exports up 220% since 2003.”

Teeling Whiskey Distillery is actually good for both the employment and tourism industry of Dublin. Aside from that, the expansion of the bottling facility of the Irish Distillers will support the overall goal of the Irish whiskey industry which is to at least double the exports by year 2020 and double it again by 2030, as well as to increase the market share of Irish whiskeys from 4% to 12% by the year 2030.

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