The Irish Whiskey Aged Stout Available Only in Some States

Innis & Gunn, an award-winning independent brewer of oak-aged beers, will be releasing their cult-favorite winter seasonal in the US. The Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout has been introduced in 2012 with a 7.4% ABV. Since then, it was a US hit that quickly sold out within just weeks of making it to the liquor stores’ shelves.

How is Innis & Gunn

The Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout is a rich, complex, and very smooth whiskey that features dark chocolate and coffee flavors with a hint of honey and spice and oak/vanilla aromas. It has a velvety taste which leads to a satisfying finish of dark malts and whiskey.

“Ireland is known for its great stouts and its amazing whiskey. We’re paying tribute to both of them in our Irish Whiskey Aged beer,” said Dougal Sharp, the founder and master brewer of Innis & Gunn.

The beer is said to be matured in their Oakerator aging device on American oak that is instilled with Irish whiskey.

“We use a lightly toasted oak for this beer to match Irish whiskey casks, which are typically lightly charred. This produces more of the coconut and spice notes that you get in an Irish whiskey, and less of the caramel and vanilla notes you find in American bourbon,” according to the Sensory and Quality Manager of Innis and Gunn.

“It’s an especially unique beer for US fans of barrel-aged beer. It’s got a lot of oak and whiskey character but it doesn’t overpower the beer itself. It’s a very balanced mix of spirit and beer that’s hearty and delicious but also very quaffable,” she added.

Innis and Gunn Irish Whiskey

Innis and Gunn Irish Whiskey Oak Aged Stout at The Pint Las Vegas. Image by

The Oakerator Device

The Oakerator device of Innis and Gunn gives a modern twist on the practice of barrel-aging. Rather than aging the beer in a barrel, it incorporates the barrel to the beer itself. The beer is processed in the modern device, which is filled with blends of toasted and spirits-infused oak in order to have a better and more consistent barrel-aged flavor. Sharp had conducted two years of extensive research to create the device. It went through trials at the popular brewing school at Edinburgh, the Heriot-Waite.

The Irish Whiskey Aged Stout is currently available in four packs of 11.2 ounce bottles and 5.5 gallon kegs at $9.99 SRP. It is available only in some states in the US, including Illinois, North & South Carolina, Ohio, Alabama, and etc.

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