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Vendome: Creates the Copper Stills That Make Your Bourbon

It has been known that the center of the bourbon industry is in Louisville, Kentucky. The city is a perfect place for such because everything that is needed to produce bourbon is available within the city. In the bourbon industry, one of the businesses that are left unnoticed is the Vendome Copper and Brass Works.

Vendome is not familiar to a majority of people but surely they already seen 90% of their work if ever they have toured around bourbon distillery. This is for the reason that they are the one who produces copper stills and other distillery equipment that is used in the bourbon industry, which is running for century in the Butchertown neighborhood on Louisville. During these times, the company is under the management of Sherman Family.

Elmore Sherman, he is the founder of the Vendome Copper and Brass Works. He learned about this copper and brass distillery equipment fabrication after he has been connected to Cincinnati-based Hoffman, Ahlers & Co., which he has been a bookkeeper for over a century. He then, decided to start his own business after overseeing the operation as well as the several deaths of the owners.

The recent owner of Vendome is not sure when exactly the company was founded but they believed that it is around the years before 1910. They based it on the stamp they seen in some of the equipment they fabricated in 1910 which was numbered 4, indicating that it is the 45th equipment the company had produced.

The company continues to produce distilling equipment though they have experienced many setbacks in the past. These setbacks includes flood in 1937. In addition, they have been affected when the American began the World War II. All distilleries during those times where required to convert in producing ethanol needed for the war.

Talking about the major distilleries, Vendome in Louisville along with Abercrombie and Forsyths in Scotland are 3 of the best when it comes to producing distillery fabrication equipment. Though there have been many companies founded over the years but most of them cater to some distillers.

vendome stills

Bryan Borders worked on a copper bulb that will be placed on top of a still being created at Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Inc., By

Today, Vendome company gets orders to new distilleries each month and other orders for maintenance and replacement purposes almost every day. When Vendome was taken over by Vendome president Tom Sherman, the company only has two workers. It is in the year 1961. Now, over 70 people are working for the company.

The Sherman family is keeping their business well and they have no plans of slowing down, as they have been fully booked with orders until 2016.

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