Where to Go for a Drink Outside I-285?

Cocktails have been one of the beloved drinks in the last decade. We’re now in the time of barrel-aged cocktails, house-made drinks, tincture and tonics, small-batch spirits, and fancy ice as well.

Empire State South, H. Harper Station, and Kimball House have been popular among Atlantans for serving a fine mixed drink. But there’s a whole world of drinks out there and we need to go beyond I-285 to discover new places. Here are six other places outside The Perimeter that you can check out.

Common Quarter

The Common Quarter is located in Johnson Ferry Road, Marrietta. The bar’s theme revolves around the South’s culinary heritage, with a “come as you are” vibe. Whether you go there with friends after gym or bringing your family after a baseball game, you’ll surely find comfort because of the familiar food and drinks served there.

Lindsay Ferdinand, the beverage director of the bar, offered seasonal, familiar foods on the menu; but also offers some unique, approachable cocktail choices.


Seed is also located along Jonshon Ferry Road, Marietta. It opened last 2010 in East Cobb and there wasn’t anything like it in the area. It joined the trend of committing to serve patrons a local, seasonal ingredients.

Chris McNeill, the beverage director, took the commitment of Seed very seriously. He built the bar around fresh ingredients, small-batch spirits, and local bitters. Seed’s cocktail drinkers are constantly introduced to the latest bar trends from all around the US.

Stem Wine Bar

Stem Wine Bar is again located along the Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. Just beyond the door at Seed, the bar has been East Cobb’s version of a European wine bar. The dimly-lit place is spacious, with a question mark-shaped bar in dark wood and marble. Although wine is Stem’s specialty, it didn’t leave out the cocktail scene. They also serve the classic before- and after- dinner drinks.


Creative cocktails in Atlanta. By

Foundation Social Eatery

Finally outside Marietta, Foundation Social eatery is located at Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell. The restaurant takes on a fresh approach of seasonal and local ingredients. Jamie McDonough, the manager of the bar, created a list of bright cocktails. They have honest cocktail choices for light sippers and playful riffs for classic drinkers.


Colletta, located at the Third Street, Alpharetta, is a sophisticated restaurant. So if you seek to impress your clients or just simply relax after a stressful day’s work, you might as well dine in here. Their bar offer  premium list of ingredients with house-made shrubs, bitters and syrups that just shows Italy’s cocktail traditions.

El Felix

El Felix, located at Avalon Boulevard, Alpharetta, is similar to Superica (the darling of the Tex-Mex followers) in terms of design and food and drinks menu. The bar serves young regulars, workers, and shoppers as well. Davis Pidgeon, their beverage director, says he has developed a bar menu that simply features classic margaritas and mojito cocktails. Aside from that, they have few zingers that include rye whiskey, horchata,as well as the very famous bloody mary.

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